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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to 3RJ's class webpage! Here you can keep up to date with our learning journey and find out what we have been doing and what we will be doing in the future. Please keep checking to see what amazing work we have been doing! 

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Term 6

Key Information for Term 6

3RJ will have outdoor PE on a Tuesday and indoor PE on a Thursday. The children must wear shorts for the days we have indoor PE, they can wear their joggers over the top of their shorts if they want to. Homework (including reads) will be checked on a Wednesday - this is a set of maths questions. Children must read at least 3 times a week and this is to be written in their reading records, using the questions stuck in at the front. Reading records should be in school every day.

LoE: Are plants alive? 

This term, 3RJ will be looking into the wonderful world of plants and flowers. We will be looking at different parts of the plant and what the function of each part is, finding out what a plant requires for life and growth and how this can vary across different plants, exploring the life cycle of plants and looking at pollination. We will be creating our own experiments to see how water is transported around the plants and different living conditions cress needs to survive. Alongside this, we are immersing ourselves in this terms text Edward Tulane. We will be on an exciting adventure with this peculiar rabbit, using this to support our writing and art work where we will create our own clay bunnies!


These are so fun! We had a Probot, one between two, and we had to put commands into the car to make it move. Our cars could move forward, backwards and rotate in different angles. At first, we did basic movements to get used to it. Then Miss CJ challenged us and asked us to move the car forward a certain amount and backwards and then rotate 90 degrees. After we had followed a series of challenges, we then put a pen into the top of the car so we could move the car to make a shape. Some of us managed to make circles and some of us managed to make squares! It was super fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. 

Pollination Process

We have learned all about the pollination process in our science week. Did you know that some seeds explode from the flower they are in? We learned there are lots of different ways such as: insects flying from plant to plant, animals eating the fruit from the plants, animals burying the fruit and nuts, animals and humans brushing past the plants, the wind, explosion and water movement. It's incredible to think how many different ways there are! We were all so amazed. Miss CJ was super impressed by our plant knowledge and this week we worked in groups and drew the pollination process. We then got up in front of the class and Miss CJ videoed us.

Pollination Process Presentation

Still image for this video

Science Week 

This week we have been learning about plants. We were super lucky and got to go to the allotment with Mr Evans. We tried lots of different vegetables and some we had never even tried before. "We ate rhubarb, it was so nice but really sour!" - Emma-Louise. "We ate a pea, it was really nice" - Grace. "The raspberries were so yummy" - Zach. We got to look at the roots of the plants and we spoke about what they needed to grow. We are so fortunate that we can go to an allotment and learn lots of interesting things. 

Road Safety

Gosh, we have learnt so much about how to keep safe on the road. We were shown how to cross a road safely, why it is super important to wear our seat belts and why we need to wear a helmet when riding a bike. We did a mini activity where we watched a car go down a ramp and the passenger (a toy) didn't have its seat belt on. We spoke about the impacts that it would have and the consequences that could happen if we didn't wear a belt - and not just to ourselves, to the people sat in front of us too. 


We moved to an activity where we were all measured. This was to tell us if we should be sat in a booster seat still - most of the class still need a booster seat! 


After this, we spoke about the importance of a helmet. We need our brain to survive and if we damage our brains we really are in trouble! We used an egg to represent our heads, pretending the yolk was our brain. We put a helmet on the egg made from polystyrene (a really hard material) and dropped the egg. There wasn't any damage to the egg. We then took the helmet off and the egg smashed. 


The day was really interesting and we learned a lot. We will definitely all be wearing seat belts from now on and wearing helmets! 

Sport's Day

WOW - what a fun day! We didn't stop smiling, our cheek bones were aching. It was so great to compete against the different houses and also work in a team. Even though the sun was shining and we were all boiling hot, it didn't stop us from trying our absolute best. Our favourite event was the Tug-of-War, we realised we needed good grip on our shoes as well not just muscles! The second part of the day we got to watch our peers race in the track events. They did so well and we supported everyone. In the end More won, it was an amazing day and we really enjoyed ourselves. 


This week, we looked at the importance of mindfulness and ways to help keep our minds and bodies calm and relaxed. We took part in a yoga session, it was so much fun and we felt so relaxed afterwards. We really enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again. 


We painted our clay rabbits this week. We used our amazing concentrating skills and made sure we got the colours spot on to Edward Tulane. He is a white china rabbit, who wears silk blue suits and brown leather shoes. We had to make our own brown paint as we didn't have any. Our rabbits have come out looking amazing and we are super proud of ourselves for the artwork we have created. 


Today we created some amazing pieces of art work. We have been learning about Edward Tulane who is a toy rabbit, he dresses in silk suits and leather shoes. He isn't like any other toy rabbit. We made a model of Edward Tulane from clay. We all worked really hard to try and make our models like Edward Tulane and even added in some details like his whiskers, his bow tie and buttons. Miss CJ is amazed by the work we have produced. We can't wait to paint them!

Term 5 

Key Information for Term 5

3RJ will have outdoor PE on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday. This term, indoor PE will be ran by Bristol Rugby who will be teaching the children gymnastics. Homework (including reads) will be checked on a Wednesday - this is a set of maths questions. Children must read at least 3 times a week and this is to be written in their reading records, using the questions stuck in at the front. Reading records should be in school every day.

LoE: What makes a hero?
This term, 3RJ will be immersing themselves in the world of heroes and the Power of Reading text 'Krindlekrax.' We shall be learning all about a young boy called Ruskin and how he became the hero of Lizard Street. We will take part in drama activities including freeze-frames, hot-seating and role play and we shall also be retelling parts of the story orally and using story telling actions. Throughout this we will be thinking about the question "what makes a hero?" We will look at whether a hero needs to be strong, tough or need superpowers. Finally, we shall be thinking about who is a hero in our own lives and write a kenning poem to showcase this. Alongside this enquiry, we will be looking at a Global Goal: Life on Land. We shall be looking at how actions of people, cutting down trees and littering is affecting our planet and what we can do to slow the process down. 


We are so lucky in our school that we have access to iPads and Chromebooks. In computing this week, we looked at an app called Lightbot. Before we could start the game, Miss CJ showed us some words. These words were input, output, programmed, algorithm, bug and debugging, these functions cause our games to work and sometimes not work! It was quite complex but once we started to use the app we could understand how these functions worked. We worked through a series of levels using a robot, who we had to guide, entering a set of instructions for them to follow to reach the end of the course. At first, we found this so easy and we all passed level 1 and 2 but when we got to level 3 - wow - it started to get tricky! We really had to use our brains, partner talk and persevere to get these right. It was so much fun, we absolutely loved using this app.


Wow! We have been learning so much in maths for this term already! This week we looked at angles. Miss CJ was super impressed by our angles knowledge and how well we digested what we learned about. As an introduction to the topic, we went outside and worked with our learning partners. We used chalk on the playground to draw a circle and then gave our learning partners directions to turn in. We learned new vocabulary such as anti-clockwise, clockwise, quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn and a full turn. It was really fun giving our partners the directions to move in. We all did so well and had fantastic perseverance for something that is quite tricky!


This week we have been learning about 3D shapes! Did you know it is called 3D because it has 3 dimensions - length, width and depth? Miss CJ was mega impressed with our 3D shape knowledge, we looked at vertices, faces and edges. It was a lot of information to take us but we did it. We were all using the right vocabulary and using lots of partner talk. We really enjoyed ourselves and have learnt so much!


This week has been RE week and we have been so fortunate to visit two different places of worship. We visited them to see if places of worship are the same. We went to a Hindu Temple on Tuesday and we visited a church on Wednesday. 
We were absolutely amazed by how beautiful the Hindu Temple is! Did you know a Hindu Temple is also called a Mandir? They have so many gods and goddesses and all dressed in such beautiful colours and lots of jewellery. We learned about the naming ceremony when a baby is born. When a baby is born in a Hindu family, the family writes 'Aum' on their tongue in honey, this way only sweets words will leave the baby's mouth. 

In the church, we spoke about baptism and what it was. There were only a few of us who had been baptised. Did you know Jesus was baptised and this is where it started from? Anybody, no matter what age can be baptised. Holy water is poured onto the head of the person being baptised. We were so lucky because we got to see Lisa show us how this was done, she used a baby to show us. It was so interesting!!


Our focus in art this term is printing (and not from a computer). We have to use different materials/objects to see what different patterns can be created to use in our art work. We used our fingers, a cotton bud, cotton wool and polystyrene. We had to be careful using the polystyrene as it is so thin. We used a pencil to put indents in the polystyrene to make a cobbled street for our Krindlekrax picture. We created a crocodile using a cotton bud, this took a lot of patience! The cotton bud gave it a scaley effect and we also used the cotton bud to create stars in the sky. The cotton wool was used for the moon, we all did super jobs and Miss CJ was so proud of the artwork we have produced! 


This week, we have started a new topic in maths. We are looking at shapes. To start the topic, we went outside to see what sort of shapes we could find in our playground. It is incredible to see how shapes are all around us and there are some pretty strange shapes in our playground! Did you know a polygon is a 2D shape with straight sides? We had a lot of fun looking for different shapes, we also got to use the new mathematical language we had learned such as vertices, parallel lines and polygon. 


That was so much fun!  We are so lucky to have two people coming in to teach us gymnastics. We learnt how to balance on a bench on our own and with a partner doing different positions, we did forward rolls and worked our core muscles and used the spring boards to jump onto an agility table. It was so much fun and we were so hot from where we had worked so hard. We cannot wait for the next gymnastics lesson! 

WOW day!

On our first day back we started this terms book Krindlekrax. We are completely hooked, we can't wait to find out what happens in the story. The main character is called Ruskin Splinter, he desperately wants to be a hero but nobody believes in him because he doesn't look like a hero. 


To immerse ourselves into the book, we made our own crocodiles (this is on the front cover of the book). We worked so hard and read the instructions so we knew exactly how to make the crocodiles. 

3RJ's Krindlekraxs

Still image for this video

Term 4

Key Information for Term 4

3RJ will have outdoor PE on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday.

Homework (including reads) will be checked on a Wednesday. Children must read at least 3 times a week and this is to written in their reading records using the sheet stuck (questions) in at the front of their reading records, please can reading records be brought in every day.

LoE: Are all rocks the same?

This term, we will be travelling back million years ago to the Stone Age! We will be learning about how people of the stone age lived, how they kept themselves alive, how they lived and how they told stories to each other. We will also be learning about rocks and soils. We will be finding out about the different types of rocks there and what makes them different, how soil is created and why it is important and what fossils are, how they are formed and why they are important. Our challenge this term will be to create our own igneous rock that we can eat! As well as this, we will be learning about fractions and using a picture book "The Stone Age Boy" to inspire our writing. 


Wow!! How colourful is this festival?! After learning about Easter, we then looked at the Hindu festival, Diwali (pronounced Divali). This festival is full of colours, light and food. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and how Sita was tricked by an evil man called Ravana (he had twenty arms and ten heads!!) He kidnapped Sita and Rama had to rescue her. Rama fought Ravana and managed to defeat him. Rama and Sita were reuinted and began their journey home back to their village, where they were guided by lit lamps to welcome them home.


We then looked at a pattern called Rangoli. These are amazing patterns full of beautiful bright colours and they are drawn onto the doorsteps with coloured paste to welcome the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi. 


This term in RE, we have been learning about different religious festivals. First, we looked at a Christian festival called Easter and why we celebrate Easter. We read the story of the Last Supper and when Jesus rose. We were quite confused as to why Good Friday was called Good Friday because we couldn't understand what could be good about the death of Jesus. We did some research on this on the iPads and found out Good Friday is called Good Friday because Jesus gave his life so we could be forgiven for our sins.


Miss CJ put us into groups of 6 and we were to role play when Jesus was taken to the cross to be crucified. We then had to freeze and Miss CJ took pictures of us. 

Making rock candy

Oh my goodness, how sweet was that?! We made our very own rock candy and it was so simple to make. We are very lucky at school as we could use a hob in our classroom, which made things so much easier. Miss CJ greased a pan and a tray with butter so the rock candy wouldn't stick (it was so sticky!). We then added sugar and syrup into the pan and then put it over the hob to warm it up. Then after the sugar and syrup had turned into a rusty golden colour, we added bicarbonate soda. This made it grow and wow did it grow! At first we thought no way is this going to be enough for everyone in the class, but actually a little went a long way! We tried some of the rock candy and not many of us could eat lots of it, it was so sickly! 


Would you like to know how to make rock candy?


You will need:

• 200g caster sugar

• 4 tablespoons of golden syrup

• 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda

• Butter to grease your baking tin



1. Wash your hands thoroughly

2. Grease your baking tin with plenty of butter

3. Put your sugar and golden syrup together in your saucepan and mix them together without any heat to begin with

4. Then melt them slowly over a low heat on the hob

5. Let it bubble gently until it begins to change colour to a rusty golden brown (it will take roughly 4 minutes of simmering to get to this point)

6. Take it off the heat a quickly whisk in your bicarbonate of soda with your wooden spoon. Watch the caramel foam up like lava from an erupting volcano!

7. Carefully pour the mixture into your greased tin and leave it to cool like igneous rock (this may take an hour or two!)

8. Turn your “rock” onto your wooden chopping board and break it into chunks with your rolling pin

9. Put small portions of rock into sandwich bags to serve to your visitors Mmmmm – a delicious rocky treat!


This week, we looked at writing good emails and comparing emails to handwritten letters. We noticed on letters, people always put the address in the top right hand corner, it's so much easier now with emails not having to do all of that! We also thought about how long it would take for a letter to send, Miss CJ showed us how quickly emails send to the recipient (the person you are sending it to). You can also put emojis into emails, this was our favourite part!

Art: Photography

In art, we learnt about photography and we looked at "How to show movement through photography." When Miss CJ told us, we instantly thought well that's strange because photos don't move - unless you're in Harry Potter! Miss CJ asked us to think about what sort of things we could use to take photos with. Dylan said we could use our tablets, Zach said phones and Tallulah said cameras. We were then introduced to iMovie, we knew this would help us to show movement through photography. Using the iPads, we took lots of photos using the burst button and uploaded them onto iMovie. This took a lot of patience and so many different steps, but being the tech whizzes we are, we aced it! We had lots of fun and there was so much laughing going on in the classroom.


Video (1).MOV

Still image for this video

World Book Day

Wow! What amazing costumes we all wore! Everyone made such an effort and looked absolutely incredible. We were super excited for what the day had in store for us. At the moment, we are reading The Stone Age Boy. We have really enjoyed reading this book, although the ending is a little sad - be prepared! As part of World Book Day, we did some story telling actions on 'How to make a fire' and 'How to make Stone Age tools'.  

How to make Stone Age tools

Still image for this video

How to make a fire

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How could we find out the strength of different rocks? 

We became scientists this week. We had to carry out an investigation to see how strong different rocks were. We looked at 5 different rocks, some we had never heard of! We tested the strength of gabbro, andesite, sandstone, limestone and slate. We came up with many different ways to test the strength of rocks, Harvey said "We could hit them with a hammer!",  Amelie said "We could throw them!" and Dylan said "We could drop the from a high up."


We worked with our learning partners to test the strength of the rocks. We had to scratch it using different objects, this way we could see which rock was the hardiest. We used a table to record our results, this would help us when we were writing up what we found and our conclusions. 


After this, we picked two rocks and drew them. We labelled them and wrote information about the rocks. 

Remarkable Rocks

This term, we are looking at rocks. Did you know the moon is a giant piece of rock?! We have been looking at lots of different types of rocks and describing how the feel and what they look like! We are quite shocked at how many different types of rocks there are! We went into the playground and found different rocks, we spoke about how rocks are used for buildings like our school and houses, statues, pavements and concrete, which is what our playground is made out of! Rock is pretty much all around us. Soon, we will get to look at fossils, we are super excited for this part!

Term 3


LoE: Are magnets magic?
This term, we shall be immersing ourselves into two enquiries! The first enquiry will require us to be scientists and answer the question "are magnets magic?" In order to do this, we shall be learning about different magnets, how they work and planning and carrying our various experiments and investigations to solve the magnet mystery. Alongside this, to help us with out writing, we shall be reading 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'. We will be using this book to help us with using complex sentences, apostrophes and tenses. As well as this, we shall be writing our own instructions on how to trap a boggart, writing diary entries from different points of view and also creating our very own field book of mythical creatures. 


To end our well-being week we were lucky enough to have a yoga lesson with Miss Perrett. She taught us how to connect with our bodies. We learned how to control our breathing and she even taught us some special yoga moves. We had great fun! Thank you Miss Perrett. 

Safety Internet Day

Wow what a day we have had! Today we have been learning how to keep safe online and how to be a good person online. We took part in many different activities on how to be a good person online, to show respect and leave a good carbon footprint. We created a reader's theatre of how to be respectful, created a good deed bracelet, solved a problem scenario and create an online friendship thermometer. We even created our own 'net nasties' which show people aren't always who they seem online.

Net nasties!

Not all the information you find on the internet is reliable because anybody can write anything they want to online. You should always compare the information with other websites, books or experts to check it is accurate. We created unreliable information net nasties to remind us not to trust what we find online without checking.


This week in maths, we have been learning all about division. At first we were a bit unsure and thought it was going to be a bit tricky, but we worked super hard and we can definitely say we have cracked it! We use circles to help us partition our ones and tens, so this really helps us to understand. Once again, Miss CJ is extremely proud of us. 



This term, we have been looking at the Hindu religion. Did you know that  Hindu's have 1 God with 1 million different characteristics?! We looked at the different items they used during worship. There are 8 different items that must be present, the only thing that changes are the different Gods depending on what you are praying for. So for example if you are about to take a test at school you would pray to Ganesha. 

Spiderwick Sketching 

We have been delving deep into an amazing book called The Spiderwick Chronicles - A Field Guide. We can't put this book down, it's so exciting. The characters of the book are very unusual. We sketched one of the characters called a boggart, his name is Thimbletack.

Magic Magnets

We learned to do a magic trick today! Magnets are so amazing, we were so wowed (as you can tell from Harvey's face in the pictures). We used our magnets to move paperclips without even touching them. If that isn't magic, then we don't know what is! 


Wow! We are super proud of ourselves this term. We have learned to multiply one-digit numbers by two-digit numbers. We have worked so hard and Miss CJ is absolutely amazed by all of our work.



We used the iPads to search safely for different information such as recipes. We learned that we needed to cross-reference, this means to look at more than one website to ensure that the information we had found was correct and reliable. We used a website called 'Swiggle' to be certain that our searches were safe and appropriate. 

Art Day: Collage

This term, we have been learning how to collage, finding out different ways and mediums we could use to create art pieces. We started by taking inspiration from Matisse and his famous art piece "Snail". It took us a while to work out what the animal was but once we knew we began looking at how he might of created it and how he used different sized shapes of tissue paper to create the animal. Once we worked out what collage was, we used Matisse's Snail to create our animals testing out different materials and working out which ones we prefer to collage with. We tried paper, card and tissue paper. Tissue paper was our favourite because it was the easiest to cut and shape. Once we had learnt the skill we started to prove it! We read a poem about London and use our new skill to represent the poem though collage. 

Term 2 

LoE: What is the place in between?
This term, we shall be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We shall be following the magical journey of Leon and writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scences from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases, commas in a list and inverted commas - that's the fancy word for speech marks! 

Term 2 Reflections


"Term 2 has been great! I liked doing the description writing about Leon" - Emma-Louise


"Learning about magic has been so fun!" - Chloe


"I like the magic part of Leon and I also love Maths Rockx so much!" - Harry


"I really like maths and doing addition and subtraction together using the bar model" - Zach

Challenge: Creating our very own Place Between

RE Week

This week we have been looking at Christianity. We started our week with a WOW day together as a year group. We went into the hall and Miss Coates read us 'The Christmas Story'. We all had to listen very carefully because after this we were going to do a quiz. We worked in groups of 5 and answered 10 different questions all from the story, it was so much fun!


After this, we sang 'We Three Kings', this song was quite tricky as some of the words were different to the words we would use today, but we really tried and our teachers were so impressed with our beautiful singing voices. Miss Coates then set us a challenge and we were split into two groups. We had to sing the songs at different times like a choir. What a great start to our RE week!

'We Three Kings'

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Science week

This week we have been looking at light and shadows. As a warm-up task, we went into the hall. We shut the curtains, turned off the lights and Miss CJ gave us blindfolds. We didn't know what was going on, only that it was very dark! We then did a mini obstacle course with our learning partner with our blindfolds on! This was super tricky and we felt a little nervous, luckily our learning partners were there to make sure we stayed safe. We had to walk along a bench and also pick a hoop up and put it over our heads. It was so difficult to do when we couldn't see anything. Miss CJ kept reminding us to see how this task had a connection to light and what we think it could be.  


We then came back to class and spoke about what relevance this task had to do with light. We all put our thoughts and ideas together and realised without light we cannot see anything! This was such a shock to us as we hadn't ever thought about this before! As well as this, we looked at mirrors and how reflection works. Did you know light travels in a straight line and can't bend? But using our mirrors, we worked out we could make light turn a corner. 



How does the distance of a light source affect the size of a shadow?

As an end to our light and shadows enquiry, we carried out our own investigation about shadows. Our investigation question was "How does the distance of a light source affect the size of a shadow?" We worked in groups of 5, using a torch, a cube and a ruler. We used different height measurements: 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm and 25cm, and using the ruler we held the torch these distances away from the cube. We then drew around the shadow of the cube and noticed the further away the light, the smaller the shadow. This was great to see afterwards when we had 5 different shadow shapes on our pieces of paper.



Term 2 Value

This terms value is friendship. In 3RJ we created our own guide on how to be a good friend. We thought about what a good friend is, why we need friends, when do we need our friend the most and what we look for in a friend.


Take a look at 3RJ's friendship manual:



Anti bullying week

Thus week was national Anti-Bullying Week! We looked at what bullying is and learnt a great acronym to remember: STOP - Several Times On Purpose! And THINK: is it True? Is it Helpful? is it Inspiring is it Necessary? Is it Kind? We learnt that in order for it to be bullying the mean comments and actions would be all the time, every day and targeted at one person. We also learnt strategies that we could use if we thought we were being bullied. A really one was that we must tell an adult in school first or as as soon as possible so it can be dealt with. Once we had learnt why bullying was an how to deal with it we created helpful posters and inspiring anti bullying messages.

Computing and E-Safety: Book Creator and Online Community 

Wow! What a fun day we had! We began the day learning about what the internet is and we were shocked to find out that the internet is not the page we see on our screen but lots and lots of wires that make the webpage work. We thought about the people who were the closest to us, like our mums, dads, grandparents etc and then we thought about the people who weren't as close to us and maybe we only spoke to through the phone, Skype or online. After this, we began to create our very own e-book. We read the rest of Leon and the Place Between, which we love, and began to story map it into 8 sections. Using our maps, we retold the story using Book Creator. We used different fonts, colours, pictures and sounds to create our own books! 

Descriptive Poems

As part of our enquiry, we wrote descriptive poems based on a picture from "Leon and the Place Between". We worked with our learning partners and came up with what the characters might see inside the circus tent, what the could smell and how they were feeling. We were then really brave and stood up in front of the whole class and read our poems out loud. We really enjoyed listening to our classmates poems. 

Chelsea's Descriptive Poem

Still image for this video

Isla's Descriptive Poem

Still image for this video

Tye and Amelie's Descriptive Poem

Still image for this video

Art Day - Painting

We had such a fantastic day learning about how to paint. We were given 3 colours: red, blue and yellow and we had to make lots of different colours! These colours are called primary colours . Then we looked at black and white, did you know black and white are not colours - they are shades! Once we had the skills, we then used this in our own piece of artwork. Our focus was on Wassily Kandinsky. Take a look at some of our drawings.

WOW Day: Magic Mike

Wow! What a magical day. A magician came into our school and he taught us how to be as magical as him. It was so amazing. We started the day by watching a magic show, then we created our very own circus posters and then in our classes we got to learn how to do the magic tricks to show our friends and families. It was so exciting. In the afternoon, we made balloon hats- this was the best bit. We haven't seen so many balloons before!


Term 1 

LoE: What is the place in between?
This term, we shall be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We shall be following the magical journey of Leon and writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases, commas in a list and inverted commas - that's the fancy word for speech marks! 

Writing our own descriptive poem

As part of our enquiry we wrote some descriptive poems which included noun-phrases. We had a picture of a circus from "Leon and the Place Between" and we had to write about what the characters could see and how they might feel. We were really brave and stood up in front of the whole class and read our poems out. Have a look at our videos!

Art Day- Painting

We had such a great day learning about how to paint creating a range of colours from the primary colours: red, blue and yellow. We had to make as many different colours as we could, only using those three colours!! We looked at black and white as well, did you know black and white are not colours? They make the colour darker or lighter! They are called shades. After a few practises, we used this skill to create our own piece of art work based on a famous artist called Wassily Kandinsky.



WOW Day: Magic Mike

Wow! What a magical day we had! A magician came into school and taught us how to be as magical as him. It was so amazing. We started the day by watching and taking part in a magic show. Then we were really lucky and we were taught how to do the magic tricks so we could perform them to our friends and families. We also made our own circus posters. Later on, we made crazy balloon hats - this was so fun, even though some of the kept popping!

Term 1 Newsletter
LoE: What are mummies and how are they made?
Hello and welcome to the juniors! This term, Year 3 will be learning about the Mighty Egyptians! During this enquiry, we shall be looking at where Egypt is in the world, how to read an atlas and plot on cities, creating Egyptian art and learning about the mummification process and even having a go at our own mummifying! We shall be incorporating this topic into our writing by creating our own instructions for mummifying people. 

60's Day: The school's 50th birthday! 

What an awesome day we had! We came in with some amazing costumes and designed some of our own Pop Art pictures! The 60's was full of bright colours! We got to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, then we watched Neil Armstrong land on the moon and sang 'One Small Step for Man' and in the afternoon we played 60's playground games and we played Twister! 

Challenge: To write a set of instructions on how to mummify 

We have loved learning about mummifying so much! We put all of our enquiry learning and our writing learning of adverbs and compound sentences together to write super instructions to help you mummify your Pharaoh! The Egyptians had strong beliefs about the Afterlife. Did you know their heart was weighed against a feather? If the heart was heavier than the feather they were sent to the Underworld! 


"I really enjoyed learning about mummifying pharaohs" - Isabelle 

"The Egyptians were quite gruesome people" - Harrison



In PE we were very lucky as we got to do Zumba. A lady who teaches Zumba came in and showed us lots of different moves, it was so fun! We played a pirate game and had to do pirate movements depending on what the lady shouted out, such as walk the plank and captain's coming! We then did a dinosaur dance and had to dance in the movement of a dinosaur. It was so funny and we didn't stop smiling. We did a cool down dance to stretch our muscles and listened to calming music whilst doing this. We were so worn out afterwards, it was a good job it was at the end of the day!




Zumba warm-up

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Zumba cool down

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 In the past few lessons, we have been looking at the mummification process. It is so interesting and found out that the Egyptians pulled the brain out with a hook through the nose, yuck! The god of death, Anubis, had forgotten how to mummify so we had to rewrite the instructions to remind him. 





Gods and goddesses 


The Ancient Egyptians has gods for everything, from danger to chores and each had different responsibilities and needed to be worshipped so that life could be kept in balance. They believed in over 2000 gods and goddesses!! In one of our enquiry lessons we researched some of the most important gods and goddesses.  We had 6 different gods and goddesses and their responsibilities. Unfortunately,  they had been mixed up so we had to match the right gods and goddesses with their duties. 

Online Safety: Powerful Passwords

We have been learning about how to keep safe online and, in particular, how to create super strong and safe passwords. We learnt how important they are to keep them safe and a secret and how we should make them as difficult as possible to guess. We had a go at practicing creating a really strong password using different characters, numbers and capital letters. Take a look below, but don't panic, these aren't our real passwords! 

Where in the world? 


We have been learning all about what an atlas is and how it can help us if we wanted to find something or if we were lost. We applied these new skills into our own enquiry and began plotting key places onto our own map of Egypt. Can you believe Egypt is almost 2450 miles away from the UK?! We also found that the River Nile is the longest river in the world! 

WOW Day: Ancient Egypt


Wow, what a day we have had immersing ourselves into the era of Ancient Egypt. We came into school dressed up as pharaohs, mummies and queens and we looked FABULOUS. To begin with, all of Year 3 went into the hall to take part in a inter-house competition. We had to listen to statements and decided if they were true or false. The winning house was Cossham who won 5 house points each! Did you know that the Egyptians invented toothpaste?! We couldn't believe it either! After this, we watched Disney's 'The Prince of Egypt' and finally we practiced our sketching skills ready for our artwork later in the week. We learnt how we can sketch in three different ways: hatching, cross-hatching and stippling and we learnt how we  can have different shades and tones by holding and pressing down differently with our pencil. 



Wonderful Writers: 'The Day the Crayons Quit' 


Once again, Miss CJ was incredibly proud of us all. This week, we have been reading 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and we think it is a brilliant book - you must read it! Using this book, we have been showing off our skills in using capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. To prove that we are writing whizzes, we made up our own letter to Duncan (the character in the book) from Peach Crayon. 



Mighty Mathematicians: Bar Model


Wow! What an amazing start to the year! This week we have been revising our number bonds knowledge of 10, 20, 50 and 100 and Miss CJ was so impressed at what geniuses we are! We began looking at the number bonds but with a different strategy to help us: the bar model. To prove our understanding of it, we wrote our very own 'Steps to Success' on how to work out calculations using the bar model.  

Purple Learning and Values


This week, we have been learning about what purple learning is and how we can become super purple learners! We learnt how some things can help our learning and how others can stop our learning; we call these movers and blockers. We also watched a really funny song, sang by the Muppets, about how we can keep pushing ourselves and not be afraid to make mistakes. As well as these, we learnt about the values: Trust, Friendship, Perseverance, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. We took part in lots of different activities such as: making motivational posters, writing about out best friends and creating a poem and prayer.