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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Key information:

3RJ will have outside PE on Wednesday and indoor PE on Monday.

Term 6

Enquiry Overview: Are plants alive?

Once, in a house on Egypt Street, there lived a china rabbit named Edward Tulane. The rabbit was very pleased with himself, and for good reason: he was owned by a girl named Abilene, who treated him with the utmost care and adored him completely. And then, one day, he was lost…


This term, we will be following the journey of a very extraordinary rabbit. We will follow him to  land, sea and everything in between. We will watch him become various different characters and learn how to love.


WOW!! We have non-stopped this week. It has been so much fun but so tiring. This week we were so lucky because it has been carnival week. We made our very own tie dye t-shirts (which we get to take home), masks and headbands, wrist and armbands and skirts. Our theme was the sea so we made creatures that lived under the water like angler-fish, octopus, turtles, jellyfish and then we stuck them onto our float. To show our parents we took the float around the playground and field as if we were in a real carnival like Rio. To finish off the procession we performed dances. We had such an amazing week and we will never, ever forget it. 

Art-3D Models

In art this week, we have been learning all about Andy Goldsworthy and his work on 3D sculpting. We have taken inspiration from his work to create 3D models of Edward Tulane, the travelling rabbit from our class book. Once we had made our models out of clay, we painted them with powder paint. We were very pleased with the results!

WOW- We The Curious 

Today, we had a fantastic time exploring We The Curious. We got to play with bubbles, learn about the human body, explore magnets, harvest our own flour and even milk a fake cow! We also got to take part in Light Fantasic which was a workshop where we got to explore lots of different types of light and the effects these have on our eyes and what we see.

Sport's Day

How lucky were we with the weather? We couldn't believe it. Sport's Day was such an amazing day, supporting our friends, cheering on our houses and doing the very best we could. Take a look at some of our pictures to see what type of events we took part in. 

Rock Steady Workshop 

Today we were lucky enough to have a workshop from Rock Steady. We learnt all about the instruments used in the band, some of us got a chance to use some of the intstruments and we all got a chance to get involved as a key member of he audience. We loved this workshop and we can't wait for this to become a club at our school in September!


This term, we are looking at 'Light and Shadow'. In science this week, we played around with torches in the classroom using different objects to see which ones would create shadows and which ones wouldn't. We learned new vocabulary: transparent which means see-through, opaque which means can't see-through it at all and a really new word to us all, translucent which means partially see-though. We really enjoyed finding different objects to see which ones would create shadows. 


This term, we are lucky enough to have Bristol Sport teach us PE on a Tuesday. We are learning handball which most of us (probably all of us) have never done before. It's really great to learn new things and trial to see what other things we are good at. Even though it was raining, we still made the most of our PE lesson. Hoods up and off we go!

Year 3 WOW- Teddy bear Picnic!

This afternoon, Year 3 had a fantastic time with our favourite teddies at an exclusive picnic on our school field. We had some tasty treats, played with our teddies and listened to the first few chapters of our wonderful new book, Edward Tulane. We can't wait to hear about the adventures that Edward goes on!

Term 5

Enquiry Overview: What makes a hero?



This term, we will immersing themselves in the world of heroes and the Power of Reading text 'Krindlekrax.' We shall be learning all about a young boy called Ruskin and how he became the hero of Lizard Street. We will take part in drama activities including freeze-frames, hot-seating and role play and we shall also be retelling parts of the story orally and using story telling actions. Throughout this we will be thinking about the question "what makes a hero?" We will look at whether a hero needs to be strong, tough or need superpowers. Finally, we shall be thinking about who is a hero in our own lives and write a kenning poem to showcase this. Alongside this enquiry, we will be looking at a Global Goal: Life on Land. We shall be looking at how actions of people, cutting down trees and littering is affecting our planet and what we can do to slow the process down. 

Computing and Online Safety

This week, we looked at writing emails and how to write a good one. First we started by comparing letters and emails - we wanted to see what the differences and similarities were. We drew Venn Diagrams to show what we discussed with our learning partners. Next we wrote our own email to Miss CJ in our jotters in the form of an email. This was really interesting. To start our computing we looked at Pacman and spoke about inputs, outputs, algorithms and bugs. We spoke about that if there is a bug in a game it means something wasn't working properly. We then went onto an app called Lightbots and this is where we needed to apply our knowledge of patterns and bugs to help us complete each level of the game. 

Visit to the Hindu Temple

Wow! What a beautiful place! Our eyes were so busy looking in every direction - there were so many gods and goddesses, so many different colours and lots of jewellery. We had to take our shoes off when we entered the temple to show our respect. Then we went upstairs to look at the shrines with all of the gods and goddesses in. There were so many! We then were given a talk from the priest of the temple and this was so interesting. We really enjoyed ourselves and felt so lucky!


This term, we have been looking at the incredible world of superheroes. We decided to link our music topic to the superhero theme. To start with we looked at different types of instruments and the families they live in such as string, wind and percussion. We really enjoyed listening to the different types of instruments. After this, we listened to lots of different themes of superhero movies such as Avengers, Spiderman, Batman and even villains like the Joker and Green Goblin. This was super fun! Next Miss CJ asked us to listen to a superhero song and we had to create a story with villains and superheroes in to perform to the class. We absolutely loved doing this and we had such a great time!

Rock Assembly 

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to watch a fantastic assembly all about rock music! We learnt about the instruments used to create rock music as well as how to us even our voices to complete our rock songs!

St Stephen's Church

Today, we were lucky enough to visit St Stephen's church where we had a very interesting talk from Lisa, the vicer, all about prayer. We learnt all about the different ways that people pray, why people pray and we had a chance to think about something that we would like to pray for using pebbles and balloons.

Jazz Assembly 

Today we were lucky enough to have a fantastic assembly lead by a group of Jazz musicians. We had a fantastic time learning about the equipment and really enjoyed the music too!


Still image for this video


This week, we have been exploring the wonderful world of volcanoes. It has been so interesting! We started this geography topic by looking at Earth and its layers. At first, we were a bit unsure as to how this linked to volcanoes. After a bit of time, we realised one of the layers - the upper mantle - is where volcanoes are created. Our world is just incredible! We then continued our learning and delved deep inside the volcano and looked at its features. We watched some videos on volcanoes and the destruction they caused. We then discussed that even though volcanoes are scary, they are actually beautiful things that our planet needs because they help with the fertilisation of soils which in turn helps to grow crops. 


What an amazing day to start our term! We came back to learn all about heroes and wow did we know a lot about heroes! We learned that heroes don't just mean superheroes like Iron Man and Spiderman, heroes were also people like doctors, firefighters and we even consider our parents to be heroes. We spoke about people who inspired us and helped us in our lives. For the main activity, we were going to create our very own superhero movie. We were so so excited! To start we designed our own superheroes and labelled them. Next we created our movie using a storyboard and then we actually made our superheroes, props and background- this bit was quite hard and we really had to concentrate. We absolutely loved our WOW day and will never forget it.

Term 4

Enquiry Overview: Are all rocks the same?

The Stone Age Boy


This term, we will be travelling back millions of years ago to the Stone Age! We will be learning about how people of the Stone Age lived, how they kept themselves alive, how they lived and how they told stories to each other. We will also be learning about rocks and soils. We will be finding out about the different types of rocks there are and what makes them different, how soil is created and why it is important. We also delve into the world of fossils, how they are formed and what their uses are. Our challenge this term will be to create our own fossils. As well as this, we will be learning about fractions and using a picture book "The Stone Age Boy" to inspire our writing. 


This week we delved into the world of the Stone Age. We went back in time and used our historical skills and knowledge to gain a real insight into this period. We started the morning by looking at chronology and understanding what this meant. We looked at lots of different timelines and created a timeline of our own lives. We then looked at the Stone Age timeline which was all muddled up and put it into the right order. We found it fascinating that periods during BC start at the larger numbers and work their way down!

After this, we looked at a range of different sources such as books, poems, diary entries, information texts and websites and researched the question "How did weapons change during the Stone Age?" We had to work out which sources were reliable and trustworthy and which ones were not. We created a poster to show what we had found. We really enjoyed our history day and cannot wait for the next one!


Today, we were really lucky to have the Year 5s teach us a PE lesson. We got to play Benchball and Dodgeball. It was so fun and we really enjoyed ourselves. 

Wind Instrument Performance

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to be treated to a performance by a group of university student scouts who played different wind intstruments. We couldn't believe the difference pitches that the instruments could make and we loved finding out about each one.

Clip 1

Still image for this video

World Book Day

WOW! We hardly recognised our friends! There were so many amazing costumes and so many we recognised from books we had read. To start World Book Day this year, some of us came into school earlier than usual and listened to a story while we ate a yummy croissant. After, we went back to our classroom for a Michael Mopurgo inspired day. We read 'The Butterfly Lion' we thoroughly enjoyed this book. This book is set in South Africa so to keep us immersed in the book we did activities all based around South Africa. We can't wait for next year's! 

Road Safety

This week, we had two ladies visit our school to tell us all about how to stay safe on the road. We started the session by learning about how to cross the road safely. We couldn't believe how many different crossings there were! After this, we split into two groups. One group was all about staying safe in the car - so making sure we were our seat belts (even when it's a quick journey) and making sure if we are a certain height we are in a car seat. The other group was about staying safe when riding a bike. We spoke about the importance of wearing a helmet. Using an egg, called Eggward, we dropped the egg from a certain height when it was wearing a helmet and nothing happened. We then did this without the helmet and the egg cracked. This was to show us how the helmet can protect our heads. It was very eye-opening. We learned loads and felt really lucky to have been given this experience!


This term, we have Bristol Sport teaching us how to play netball. We are super excited to learn how to play. We get to learn new skills every week and at the end of each lesson we get to play a game. 

Stone Age Forest School! 


Today we were very lucky to have SG Forest School come in and give us an introduction to the Stone Age way of life. We did lots of different activities such as; den building, making clay pots and even building fires! Our favourite part was making a fire using flint - it was super tricky and we really had to persevere. We had lots of fun and learnt so much! 


Welcome to the world of rocks! WOW is there a lot to learn about rocks - so much we didn't even know it could be possible. To start our science topic, we went out into the playground to find different rocks. We did this so we could compare and contrast rocks to see what similarities and differences they had. We discussed rock properties and spoke about how rocks differ and what their uses are. We learned words such as 'permeable' which means lets water run through and 'durability' which means it can last under pressure and for a long time. We then tested the different rocks using a tree diagram so we could identify their names. 


As part of our WOW to immerse us in our new topic of The Stone Age, we began looking at the different paintings that helped researchers to find out about The Stone Age. We looked at cave paintings and using printing and charcoal began to create our own. We started by designing our finished art piece to help us when we using the different art techniques. After this, we created our own print design either using cardboard or sytrofoam. Then we used tea stained paper and our plans of our designs to create our finalised piece. 

Term 3

Enquiry Overview: Where is home?

Gregory Cool

This term, we are going on an exotic adventure to Tobago with Gregory who is living with his grandparents. We will be following Gregory's journey and learning all about live in Tobago too. We will be trying and cooking tradition Caribbean dishes, learning all about what life is like in Tobago and exploring the animals and plants that live there.

Safer Internet Day 


Today was Safer Internet Day and schools across the country took part in a variety of ways. We spent the whole day looking at the terms 'permission' and 'consent' exploring what these mean in our online world. We thought about what we need to do to ask for permission and also how to get consent before taking photos or posting/sharing online.


We really hope today has built on the skills that we teach through our Online Safety curriculum- helping us make the right choices to stay safe online.

Prove it: Vlogs

Today we completed our enquiry challenge which was to create our own Vlogs which documented where we thought 'home' was to us and why. We had great fun using sound and visual effects on our films.


Still image for this video

Playground Leaders

We are so fortunate to have been given this opportunity. In our playground there are people called 'Playground Leaders' and these people set up games for people who aren't sure what to play or if they don't have anyone to play with. We got to be the first to test these games out and we had so much fun! We got to try three different games which will be introduced to our playground very soon. 

Science experiment: Are bigger muscles stronger than smaller muscles?

Wow this question was one we really thought about! We carried out a science experiment to see if the bigger someone's muscles, the stronger they were. We wrote our predictions and most of us didn't agree with this question. Aston said 'our jaw is quite a small muscle but it is our strongest muscle.' This really made us think and question what we originally thought. For the science experiment, we measured our arms and then held a weight, timing it with a stopwatch to see who could hold the weight for the longest. We found that it didn't matter about the size of your muscle as some of our classmates had smaller muscles yet held the weight for a longer amount of time. 


In PE, this term we have been learning how to play netball. We started by learning how to pass using the chest past with our learning partners. After this, we learned how to pivot and throw the ball to our partners. We have been really enjoying our time in netball and can't wait to learn more. 

Healthy me, happy me

In Science this week, we looked at the different types of nutrition our bodies need in order to stay healthy. After looking at the different types of food we need, we then looked at how much we need. With our learning partners, we created our own Eat-Well Plate. We cut out different foods like apples, fish fingers, chicken, peas and bread and put them into the correct food group. We were very interested to find out that we need to eat everything in moderation, even fats and sugars which we know are okay for you if you eat the right amount. 


This term in science, we have been looking at animals including humans. We have been learning about what we need to stay fit, healthy and happy. To start our new science topic off, we answered different questions. Some of the words we hadn't heard of before. 'What does nutrition mean?', 'What do we know about food?', 'What are the different types of food?', 'How do we get nutrition?' and 'What is a herbivore, omnivore and carnivore?' We are really looking forward to finding out the answers to these questions. 


What a messy classroom! This week in art we used the skill collage to make the Trinidad and Tobago flag. We used different shades of tissue paper to create the colours of the flag. Then for our use it, we applied what we had learned and used different shades of blue or green to create different sceneries. We either created a countryside landscape from England or the ocean view from Tobago. Our fingers got really sticky!


In computing, Miss CJ showed us something called 'net nasties'. These are like little monsters which come from the internet and are not very nice. We created our own 'net nasties' and had to write things the 'net nasties' might say to people which are lies. Our heading was 'Ways to keep healthy' and we had to write lies around our net nasty that the internet might try to tell people.


After this, we researched ways that actually keep us healthy. We searched for the balanced diet plate and what we need in our diet to make sure we stay healthy. We then created presentations telling people about the different food types we need. 


We have enjoyed ourselves so much today! To immerse ourselves into our new topic 'Where is home?', we took a look at the front cover of our new book. Miss CJ asked us to think about where we think the book is set. From the picture of the beach we thought it must be somewhere hot. Emma said it could be Ghana in Africa, Riley said somewhere in Asia and Sadie said Spain. We found out our book is set in a place called Tobago which is in South America. It looks absolutely beautiful. We cannot wait to learn more about it. We had a look at a world map and found Tobago - it is so tiny! 


After this, we tried lots of different foods from Tobago. We tried Jerk chicken, rice and beans, coconut water, plantain chips and flat bread. Some of us loved it and some of us weren't so keen but we all gave it a try. We then gave the food a mark out of five. Some of us have definitely broadened our taste buds! 


We then cooked our own food and made rice and beans. We used onions, coconut milk, rice, kidney beans, thyme and water. This was so exciting but we had to make sure we were sensible when we were cutting the onions. Take a look at some of our pictures of our amazing day in Tobago. 

Term 2

Enquiry Overview: What are mummies and how were they made?

This term, we will be travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt in a Power of Reading text called "Marcy and the riddle of the Sphinx." We will be following the ancient journey of Marcy on her quest to free her father from the Sphinx, writing about and creating our very own Egyptian artifacts along the way. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes from the book. We will also be learning how to use speech marks and adjectives.

St Stephen's Got Talent 

What a fantastic afternoon we have had watching our fantastic talent show filled with our very own talented children!


This term we are exploring what it means to be a Christian in Britain today. To start our topic we watched Nativity 3 to gain an insight into the true meaning of Christmas to Christians.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week, we have been focussing on anti-bullying. We have thought about what bullying is, how it makes people feel and how it can be prevented. As well as learning in class, we were lucky enough to have a production about bullying called A Bully's Paradise. We really enjoyed watching this production and we thought it contained lots of important messages about bullying. 

Finished Death Masks

We finally got to paint and finish our death masks. We had to wait for the Papier Mache to try and then we could paint our masks either gold or silver. We had to paint them these colours as they are very rich looking colours. After the paint had dried, we cut 1cm strips of blue paper out to decorate the head band. This took a very long time and we had to persevere and concentrate a lot. We got there in the end and none of us gave up. We are very proud of our masks and cannot wait to take them home.

Grid references

We have developed our map skills even more this week in geography. We began to look at grid referencing, what this meant and how this helped us when reading maps. We looked at a map of Cairo and answered questions to find out what was in the grid using the references. We then created our own maps and had to put in a hospital, park, church, hotel and a forest. Then we added two of our own features to our maps using grid references and the key. Miss CJ was so impressed with our learning and how quickly we understood it.

World Diabetes Day!

World Diabetes Day is the 14th November and we celebrated it by dressing up as superheroes. This is a charity very close to everyone in school and we each donated £1 to dress up and then could donate a further £1 for a raffle ticket. We loved seeing all of our friend's costumes and how amazing everyone looked. It was so funny to see the teachers dressed up as well! 

Healthy food, healthy us

This week, we have been trying out new foods. We understand the importance to eat as healthy as we possibly can to look after our bodies and it's also great to try out new things. We went into the dining hall to try new things that would go onto our school dinner menu. We had a Quorn sub which was amazing, mash potato with leek and onions sprinkled with breadcrumbs and a chicken curry. Then for desert we had a banana sponge cake with custard. We were so surprised that these meals were all healthy yet tasted so yummy! We cannot wait for these to appear on our dinner plates!

Death Masks

This week, we created our very own death masks. The Egyptians created death masks when a pharaoh died to place over the top of their face. They were made from golds, silvers and blues and were very grand. To create our masks, we drew around the mask to make the headband for the death mask. Next, we cut the template of our masks out. Then, we cut out the centre and used masking tape to stick the mask into the middle. After this, we cut a slit into a tube of kitchen roll to stick under the chin to make a beard. Now for the messy part! We used papier mache to cover the whole mask and then we had to be very patient and wait for the mask to dry. We can't wait to paint them! Come back soon to see our finishing products!


Who knew maps could tell us so much! Today we looked at lots of different maps and then we really focused on the keys. We learned that keys show us symbols to help us locate places or things on a map. We used our atlases and the keys to find out the capitals of lots of different countries. A capital city is usually represented by a red square. We also learned that there are man-made and physical parts on a key. The physical parts on a key are things such as rivers, lakes and mountains. Man-made symbols on a key are things like airports, country borders and capital cities. After this, we used the key to help us identify the capital city of Egypt, the River Nile, El Giza (where the famous pyramids are) and the airport. We really loved looking at maps and cannot wait to look at more!


We are so fortunate because we have Bristol Sport teach us football on a Tuesday during our PE slot. In our first lesson, we learned how to dribble the ball and control the ball with the side of our foot. We also learned how to stop the ball but placing our foot on top of the ball. The coaches spoke to us about controlling the footballs so they weren't rolling around the playground and not being kicked at full pelt when we were playing with our friends. We played lots of games like stuck in the mud but with a football. That was quite tricky but we really enjoyed ourselves!


Oh my goodness! What amazing costumes, there were so many golds, blues and silvers. Everybody looked amazing. People were dressed up as pharaohs, mummies and shepherds. In the morning, we watched the Prince of Egypt to immerse ourselves into our Ancient Egypt topic. After that, we came back to class and we used Atlases to find out where Egypt is, what the capital city is and the famous river that runs through Egypt. Did you know the River Nile is the longest river in the world? Then we looked at the Ancient Egyptians writing. These are called hieroglyphics. They used pictures to show letters instead of symbols. We wrote our own names on a cartouche which is a carved tablet. It must have taken the Egyptians so long to write - some of the pictures are quite hard to draw. 


After lunch, we worked in teams and had to make a 3D pyramid. Our pyramid had to stand on its own, had to be taller than one of our whiteboards and had to stay standing if Miss CJ gently blew it. It was quite difficult but we persevered and made great pyramids! We had such a fun day and cannot wait to learn more about Ancient Egypt.

Term 1

Key information:

3RJ will have outdoor PE on a Tuesday and indoor PE on a Thursday.

Term 1 Newsletter

Enquiry Overview: What is the place between?

Leon and the Place Between
This term, we will be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We will be following the magical journey of Leon, writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases and commas in a list and inverted commas!

Our very own Place Between

As part of our challenge, we had to create our own Place Between. We had so many amazing and different ideas. Ella W spoke about an Alice in Wonderland theme with clocks and tea parties, Riley spoke about a castle theme with a big drawbridge and a moat and Georgia created a Christmas Town. We really loved creating our Places in Between and put so much effort into our drawings. We also made sure we used the sketching techniques we had learned as well. 

Visit to St Stephen's Church 

Today we were lucky enough to have a talk from Lisa and Peter in St Stephen's Church. They told us all about Christians and their beliefs about God. We were so interested in the Christian ways and couldn't wait to find out more. Lisa and Peter really engaged us and we had so much to think about when we got back to school.

RE- What do Christian's believe about God?

Today we have been exploring what Christians believe about God; thinking about who he is, how we know he's there and how he impacts upon our lives. We thought about the Holy Trinity and how we have the Holy Trinity in our own lives. We cannot wait to continue our learning around this interesting topic.

House Quiz 2018!

Today we participated in the annual House Quiz. It was very exciting and very close but as always we worked hard in our teams and tried our hardest! 


We are so lucky! We got to go on the Chrome Books this week and we learned so many new things. First, we spoke about the importance of keeping our passwords safe, making sure they are not easy for people to find out and how we must tell our parents or guardians if anything upsets us online. We learned that our passwords must be more than 8 characters long and include numbers and symbols. Passwords are important because they keep our things safe like accounts we may have. We then logged in on the Chrome Books, changed our passwords and learned about using Google Drive as a class.


In the afternoon, we used Popplet to create our own times table charts and partitioning charts. It really helped with our math's learning and we had so much fun. We really enjoyed using the Chrome Books and iPads and cannot wait until our next computing day!



Voting day

On Thursday, we voted for our new Pupil Voice representatives. We had to pick one boy and one girl. If we wanted to be a part of Pupil Voice we had to write a speech about why we would be a great representative for Pupil Voice and hope that our peers would vote for us. As Pupil Voice representatives we have to make sure we are fair and we listen. Each of us picked the boy and girl candidate who we thought would fit this role the best. We voted just like adults would for government parties and put our voting slips into a ballot box. It was really exciting! 


Wow! What a workout! We have been working on our stamina and really trying to compete against ourselves from previous lessons. We have tried to hard to work together, support our peers and persevere. It is so tough and we feel extremely tired after but Miss CJ is so proud that we don't give up.


This term we have been focusing on sketching in art. We started by practising different sketching techniques such as stippling, which is lots of dots, hatching, which is horizontal lines and cross-hatching, which is horizontal and vertical lines. We practised the three different sketch types on magician hats and then picked our favourite one. We then used our favourite sketch type to create our own sketch of something from a magic show. Miss CJ was mega impressed with what we did!


This week in maths we started a new topic on place value. To help us really understand place value we started by using diennes to help us make a number. We did this on our tables with our learning partners, it was so clear for us to see our place value headings of hundreds, tens and ones. 



This week, we can carried out a science experiment to test which materials were magnetic and which were not. We found out that not all metals are magnetic! We tested aluminium and it repelled the magnet with quite force. 

Place Value

This week we started our new math's learning - place value. Place value means looking at the value each digit represents. We are looking at 3 digit numbers and recognising the hundreds, tens and ones. We started by using the diennes which really helped our learning. 

WOW Day!

We have been so lucky! A magician came into school today. He was so funny and fantastic at magic. We really enjoyed watching his show and didn't stop laughing - our tummies are hurting from laughing so much! After this, we looked at optical illusions and flip books. The optical illusions tricked some of us and it took us a while to work it out! Next we got to make our own versions. Miss CJ was super impressed with our flip books and optical illusions. 

Millie created her very own optical illusion. How impressive!

Science - Magic Magnets!

WOW! What a fantastic start to our science topic. We are looking at forces and magnets and to immerse ourselves we created our very own magic trick using magnets. We were amazed at how the paper clip moved without even touching it! We cannot wait to learn more about forces and magnets this week!

Sadie's Magic Magnet trick!

Still image for this video

Junk Modelling 

This afternoon we got creative and designed our own crayon using junk equipment. We used our book, 'The crayons that quit', as a stimulus for our fantastic ideas. We had so much fun and really used our imaginations. Thankfully Aston brought in about 50 toilet rolls so our crayons all had bodies!!

Numicon Numbers!

This week we have been focusing on our numbers bonds to 10, 20 and even 50! Using numicon to help us figure out all of their numbers bonds quickly and efficiently! Miss CJ has been super impressed with our knowledge. We have really shown off our fantastic understanding of number bonds!

Becoming Purple Learners

This week we have been learning about how to be a Purple Learner. We have set up our classroom display so that we can remember how to move our learning on, how to stop ourselves and other's behaviour from blocking our learning and the different zones of challenge we can be in. We are all so excited to show off our purple learning skills and be the best purple learner we can!