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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop. 

Class photo!

Useful Class Information


We have indoor PE on a Monday and outdoor PE on a Thursday - please ensure PE kits are in school for these days. 


The Reading Challenge for this term is 12 reads. Please help your child to achieve this by reading with them regularly at home and filling in their reading challenge bookmarks. 

Contact Form

We now have our own class e-mail! Please fill in the form below to send us your comments and feedback. We are really excited to see what you think of all our hard work and we will be checking our e-mail regularly. Thanks, 3CL.

From Hayley (Abi's Mum)

"Just had a browse around this website and I am very impressed. I really like the fact that each class have their own page too. Great class photo!!!
Cant wait to see what this year will bring. Abi seems so happy so far!!!"

Term 6

Term 6 Newsletter Year 3

Our Enquiry: How do plants survive?

This term we are doing a science enquiry, looking at what plants need in order to survive and be healthy. We will be looking at the different parts of a plant and their functions. This will involve us planting our own sunflowers and each class will collectively plant a vegetable and observe what happens as it grows.

Alongside this enquiry, in English, we will be reading the Spiderwick Chronicles and focusing on writing instructions, recounts and a narrative.


LoE: How do plants survive?

How are Shadows Formed?


At the end of Week 6, we had a one day enquiry looking at how shadows are formed. We came up with some shared explanations as a class and then made our own characters and scenes to create our own shadow puppet show. Below are some pictures of the shows.

We explored our shadows and tried to run away from them!

Arts Week
In Week 5, we had great fun doing different types of art during Arts Week. We made flowers out of plastic bottles to decorate the fence in the playground. We coloured different designs on pebbles and made colourful Mandalas. It was brilliant!

Science Bar Charts


As part of our science enquiry, we looked at data based on the growth of sunflowers and radishes. This helped us to link science and maths and combine all of our knowledge to answer questions based on the data. We then created our own bar charts using the radish data. 

How to look after plants.
We designed our own posters with information about how to look after a plant and make sure that it grows well and stays healthy.
The sunflowers that we planted in our Wow are growing really well and in Week 4 we needed to repot them into bigger pots and use a piece of bamboo to support their stems.
Children's Comments

"It was amazing to see the roots when we took the sunflowers out of their little pots!"


"Our plants were getting so tall that they were beginning to bend over."


"If we forget to water them, they get really dry and look like they are dying."

How Do Plants Absorb Water?
We have been identifying the different parts of a plant (stem,leaves,roots and flower) and learning what their role is in keeping a plant healthy. In order to understand how water is transported through a plant, we used celery and water with food colouring to show how it is absorbed and then transported up through the stem.
Our Term's Value - Responsibility
As part of our School Value of Responsibility, Miss Wilson gave use all a sunflower seed to plant and look after in our Houses. We also had to make a plan of the jobs that we needed to do in order to grow a healthy plant. We made a timetable to show which jobs we would do on each day of the week.

Class assembly


For our class assembly we thought about our School Values of Friendship, Perseverance, Trust, Honesty and Respect. We shared some of our work around each value including poems, instructions and stories. We are looking forward to exploring this term's value of Responsibility. 

Thank you to all our parents and carers who came to watch our assembly.

Measuring Capacity
In Week 2, as part of our maths work on measure, we went out on the playground and had a go at measuring different capacities.
As our Wow, we spent the afternoon planting seeds. We planted a sunflower seed with our Learning Partners and, as a class, we planted some radish seeds. Over the next few weeks, we are going to observe what happens to them. We need to remember to keep them watered and not let them dry out!
We also made some predictions about how our radishes would grow and what they would look like.

Term 5

Term 5 Class Newsletter Year 3

Our enquiry: Where will your adventure take you?


This term our enquiry is based on the story 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.' This is a tale about a toy rabbit who goes on adventure with his owner, but soon becomes lost and he encounters a range of different changes and characters throughout the story. We will be immersing ourselves into this story and as our challenge will be writing our own adventure stories based on the structure of Edward Tulane.

LoE: Where will your adventure take you?

Children's Comments

"We really enjoyed using the chalk to create a picture of Edward's dream." Abi, Ruby and Jacob


"My favourite part of the book was when Abilene found Edward." Harry


"I liked it when Lawrence rescued Edward from the sea." Theo


"My favourite part of the story was when Edward found his owner at the end." Chanelle

RE Enquiry: How can Brahman be everywhere in everything?


In week 6, we learnt about how although we are one person, we have different roles in life. First of all we looked at the different roles we have in life such as, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, brownies, scouts, friends, cousins and students. We then applied this thinking to the Hindu religion where they believe their God, Brahman, is so powerful that it has many different roles and can be viewed in many different forms.

Our Challenge


In order to answer our enquiry question, we have been working extremely hard in the lead up to write our own adventure stories. Finally our hard work has payed off and we have all completed the challenge with some of the best work we have ever written!

Below are some snippets of the fantastic writing that has been happening in 3RC.

Lucy's story

Annie's story

Bailey's story

Macy's story



As this term's value is honesty, we have been thinking about what it means to be honest and how to treat others when we are following this. 

In collective worship, we played some card games that involved us having to tell the truth to our friends. The games were called 'Go Fish' and 'Happy Families.' We had so much fun playing them!

Comparing Fractions


We spent one morning in Week 4 comparing unit fractions. We did this practically and used 2l bottles (the whole) and water (the parts) to show which fractions were bigger or smaller. It gave us a really clear picture of the size of each of the fractions - it was great fun!

Edward's Dream
In part of the story, Edward Tulane has a dream that he comes alive and meets all the people that he has loved throughout his journey. During the dream, he grows wings and tries to fly up into the night sky to be with Sarah-Ruth. We used chalk and black paper to create an image of the dream.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane


As part of our enquiry, we have done lots of work around the book that we are reading. In the book, Edward, a china rabbit, ends up getting separated from his owner and going on an adventure.


We sketched our own image of the dump that Edward came across on his journey. This was to help us write a setting description about the dump.

For our Wow, we took our favourite teddies into school. We designed a new outfit for our teddies, took them on an adventure and did some sketching of them around the school grounds. In the afternoon, we had a teddy bears' picnic and played games. It was great fun and we enjoyed sharing stories about our teddies.

Spring Poetry Enquiry


During our first week back after Easter, in English we are concentrating on learning a range of poetic devices, which will lead up to writing our own spring time poems. This will also carry through into our afternoons, where we will produce a range of spring time art work using a variety of different mediums. 



Spring Time Sketching
As part of our Spring Poetry Week,we undertook some Spring time sketching. We looked closely at different things that reminded us of Spring and tried to create detailed sketches.

Onomatopoeia Trees


To link in with our spring poetry, we thought of lots of onomatopoeia words. We wrote them onto leaves and them stuck blossom onto our trees. 


Here are some of our trees:

Anti-Bullying Day

On the first day of Term 5 we had Anti-Bullying Day. We looked at the different types of bullying and we made a whole school definition of what bullying actually is. We also discussed what we can do to stop it from happening and how we should report it if it does. We designed our own Stop Bullying posters and at the end of the day we shared these with our parents.


Our Posters

Term 4

Term 4 Class Newsletter

Our enquiry: Where does food come from?


This term we will be looking at where food comes from. This will involve us exploring all of the different ways food is produced or grown and how the food gets to the tables we eat from! Throughout the enquiry, we will also be looking at different countries in the world and where these are in relation to where we live, whilst looking at what foods are grown in those countries.

LoE: Where does food come from?

Science afternoon with Year 5
We spent the afternoon with 5AG. They showed us lots of different experiments and taught us about how some changes can be reversed and others can't. It was so much fun! Here are some photos of our exciting afternoon:
Challenge-Where does food come from?


In order to end our enquiry and to answer the enquiry question, our challenge was to make a video presentation to present the information that we have learned this term. We had to do this independently within groups. This involved us planning together and then producing any props/pictures or posters that we thought would be useful to explain what we have learned.


We worked extremely hard on these and were all able to answer the enquiry question. Below is an example of our presentations.

Presentation video

Still image for this video
Road Safety
During week 4, we learnt about the importance of road safety. We focused on the importance on taking care whilst crossing a road, wearing seat belts and safe cycling.
Collective Worship

During collective worship in week 4, we learned about 'The Golden Rule.' This is something that lots of different religions believe and it is to treat others as you would want to  be treated yourself.


In class we discussed what we thought this means and why it is important. We then took part in some role plays-firstly showing how we might not treat others how we would want to be treated ourselves and then we edited these to show the Golden Rule.


Below is an example of us following the Golden Rule.

Macy and Chanelle's video

Still image for this video

Theo and Anshumaan's video

Still image for this video
Year 3/4 Athletics Challenge
With the help of Year 6 and some teachers from The Grange we completed an athletics challenge. We took part in lots of different activities, including running, jumping, balancing and throwing. We had great fun but it was very tiring!

Red Nose Day 2015


We had a great day dressing up as secret agents, superheroes or making our faces 'funny for money'! During the day we had a joke telling assembly which was great!


Below are some of our costumes.

World Book Day


On Thursday 5th March we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters, listened to extracts from the teachers' favourite books, shared a book with children from another year group and made our own bookmarks.


"I enjoyed being Harry Potter for the day," said Theo.


"My favourite part of the day was making my own bookmark," said May.


Us dressed up as our favourite book characters!

The Big Read! Us sharing a story with some year 5 children.

As our Wow, to introduce our new enquiry, we tried lots of different foods and thought about where they come from. These are the foods that we tried - bread, tuna, cucumber, mango, sugar snap peas, cheese, ham, raisins, carrot, sweetcorn, tomato, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, pomegranate and orange. Some of these we had never tried before!

Chinese Culture Day


On the first day of Term 4 the whole school took part in a Chinese Culture Day to launch our new curriculum area of Mandarin. During the day we learnt how to say and write the numbers 0-10 in Mandarin and we made our own Chinese dragons for a Dragon Dance.

Term 3

Term 3 Class Newsletter

Our enquiry: What did the Ancient Egyptians believe?


Throughout this exciting enquiry we will be studying the Ancient Egyptians and learning about how they lived their lives and what they believed. We will research different parts of Ancient Egypt and create a variety of artefacts that will be displayed in our class museum at the end of the enquiry.  

LoE: What did the Ancient Egyptians believe?

Class museum

We invited our parents in during open afternoon to share the work that we have been doing. We particularly enjoyed sharing our work about Ancient Egypt.

Clay Artefacts


After learning so many different facts about Ancient Egypt, we have had a go at making our own artefacts from clay. Below are some of our models of canopic jars, pyramids and mummies.



Throughout the term we have been learning a new approach to our Maths. In week 5 we began to use the bar method to solve problems involving addition and subtraction. We worked with our learning partners to secure our understanding of the method by practising on the tables! Have a look below at some of our calculations.



Mummification Instructions


As part of our Egyptian topic we learnt about the mummification process and why it was so important to the Egyptians. We also did lots of work on how to write a great set of instructions. So to show off all of our new learning we wrote a set of instructions about the mummification process. Here are some examples.



In week 3, we looked at the language the Egyptians used. It is called hieroglyphics and it is made up of lots of pictures. We then wrote our own names in Cartouches, as the pharaohs would have done in Ancient Egyptian times. 


Can you work out who's names they are? 

Instructions on how to make a sand art picture.
We wrote a set of instructions about how to make a sand picture. We then learnt them using our Talk for Writing actions, as well as some we made up ourselves!

How to make a sand art picture.

Still image for this video

Sand art


During art we researched ideas for an Egyptian landscape. We thought about how we could create a textured affect in an Egyptian style. We decided to use sand and paint to create our textured Egyptian landscapes.


Some of our sand landscapes.

Museum trip
To start our new enquiry we went to the Bristol Museum to look at their Ancient Egyptian display and also take part in a workshop. In the workshop we got the opportunity to handle some Ancient Egyptian artefacts. During this workshop, we asked questions to try and investigate what the artefacts were and how they may have been used. There was even one artefact that was actually over 2500 years old! We had a great time on the trip and it helped us to learn some new facts that we can add to over the course of our enquiry.

Term 2

Term 2 Class Newsletter

LoE: Where is your place between?

Our enquiry: Where is your place between?


This term our enquiry will be based around the story of Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister. In the story the main character, Leon, goes on an imaginary adventure full of mystery and wonder! For their challenge, the children will be writing their own adventure story set in an imaginary world. 

LoE: How do magnets work?

Our enquiry: How do magnets work?


In week 6 Year 3 will be doing a short enquiry investigating magnets. We will look at the properties of magnets and end up creating our own magnetic puppet show with moving characters.

What do the decorations on a Christmas tree represent?

Our enquiry: What do the decorations on a Christmas tree represent?


For our special Christmas enquiry we learnt about the true meaning of the decorations on the Christmas tree. We designed our own Christmas trees and created decorations for them. For each decoration we wrote an explanation explaining what it represents with relation to the true Christmas story.

Our decorated Christmas trees

We decorated our class Christmas tree

Celebrating out work in our floorbook

Weeks 5-7

Magnets challenge day!
We worked with our learning partners to plan, make and create puppet shows using our understanding of magnets.

Planning our scenes and characters

Creating our scenes and characters

Our finished puppet shows

'I really enjoyed making my characters move' Bailey.


'I know two different poles of the magnets attracts and if used this to make my characters move' Emily.


'I enjoyed drawing and colouring my scene and characters' Harriet.

Raising money for 'Save the Children'


In 3CL we wore our christmas jumpers to raise money for the 'Save the Children' charity.

Our finished stories!

We published our stories and created front covers to complete our enquiry challenge of producing our own story book of our place between.

Chanelle's 'Roxy and the place between'.

Bailey's 'Tomey and the place between'.

Ruby's 'Lilly and the place between'.

Jacob's 'Jake and the place between'.

Our place between settings.

We used our imaginations we created collage settings for our stories.

Fraction Caterpillars
As part of our maths work on fractions we made fraction caterpillars to show equivalent fractions. 

Weeks 1-4

In Week 3, after finishing reading 'Leon and the Place Between', we looked at what was happening at different parts of the story and how this affected Leon's thoughts and feelings.

We created some freeze frames and talked about the feelings involved.

Our freeze frames

Children's comments

As Leon climbed the golden ladder, he felt excited because he was the chosen one and he was going to see real magic.


When Leon stepped into the box, he was shocked and afraid because there was no floor and he fell down and down.


Leon landed safely on the carpet so he felt relieved but he was still scared and he didn't want to open his eyes and see where he was.

Our class assembly

We prepared and performed our class assembly on 'friendship'. We shared our ideas about what makes a good friend, our friendship poems, our friendship recipes and roles plays.

'I enjoyed our class assembly because I shared my recipe and I think we spoke loud and clear' Ruby.



'I enjoyed getting people to get ready for praying' Jacob.




'I think our assembly was really good because we learnt a lot about friendship' Harry.



Circus Day.

At the end of week 1 we launched our new enquiry with a circus day! We all dressed up as different characters from the circus and had lots of fun learning about circus life and skills.

Our circus outfits!

Making our own juggling balls.

Juggling with our balls.

Still image for this video

Creating our clown egg faces.

Some of our finished clown egg faces.

Our best hula hooper!

Still image for this video

Outdoor maths.

We took our maths learning outside to learn about direction and rotation. We also took this opportunity to identify right angles around the school and use chalk to draw shapes with right angle in them on the playground.

Direction and rotation

Right angles.

The First World War
In Week 1 we learnt all about The First World War. The Year 6 children, who carried out an enquiry on this last term, taught us lots of interesting things through playing games and having quizes.
Children's Comments


I really enjoyed the Year 6 activities, especially when we had to follow a map to look for facts on the playground.


I loved playing conkers but I didn't manage to smash any!!


I really enjoyed Mr. Evan's assembly. He looked great in his uniform.

We looked at different propaganda posters that were used to persuade people that the war was a good thing and to encourage men to enlist. We then designed our own posters.

Our posters.

Oath of Allegiance

Still image for this video

Learning to march.

Still image for this video

Term 1

Weeks 5-8

Our enquiry: What is important to me?


During our 'What is Important to me?' enquiry we researched different communities and what is important to each of these communities. We explored what is important to a Christain and used this to reflect upon what is important to ourselves.

We tracked our journey on our display board.

Our challenge was to record a video clip explaining what is important to us and why. Here are some of our clips.

Katy's video clip

Still image for this video

Chanelle's video clip

Still image for this video

Harry's video clip

Still image for this video

Our enquiry: How we move and grow?


Throughout this enquiry we have been investigating how we move and grow. We have learnt about the three main functions of the skeleton and how muscles help us to move. We also looked at how food helps us to grow and what types of food we need to eat to be healthy.

We made our own skeletons.

We thought about foods that make up a balanced diet.

Children's Comments

It was very tricky making our own skeletons and working out which bone goes where.


I found it really interesting finding out about the different food groups and how much we should eat. I definately need to eat more vegetables!

Our enquiry: What is Theco?

During our 'What is Theco?' enquiry, we will be exploring different types of rocks and how these have been formed and changed over millions of years, from the time that dinosaurs walked the planet. We will also be looking at how history has been preserved in the form of fossils. Along side our enquiry we will be reading the Power of Reading text 'The Pebble in my Pocket' which explains the processes involved.
Children's comments

The trip to Aust was great fun. Ed was really nice and we found lots of interesting fossils.


I really enjoyed making our own sedimentary rocks. We got very messy making the salt dough and then we added different materials to make the layers.


It was interesting to now that Theco used to live here.

Celebrating our work.
In Week 7 we invited our parents to come in and see the work that we have done in our 'What is Theco? enquiry. We really enjoyed sharing our work with them.

Salt dough

During our work on rocks, we investigated how different types of rocks are formed. We looked at sedimentary rocks and how these are made up from different layers. In Week 6, we made our own salt dough and then used different materials, such as sand and gravel to create different textures. Once we had decided on the best materials we made our own sedimentary rocks by making different textured layers of salt dough.

Freeze Framing

In Week 5, we created freeze frames of the dinosaur scenes from our book 'The Pebble in my Pocket'.


Fossil Hunting at Aust

To kick start our enquiry "What is Theco?", we went on a school trip to a local beach in Aust. We were greeted by a man called Ed who told us some amazing facts about dinosaurs that once lived in Bristol! We scoured the beach for fossils (once Ed had told us what to look for) and we were lucky enough to bring our own fossil home!


Check out some photos of us on our fantastic day out.

Weeks 1-4

Leon and Bob
In Week 3 we have been reading the Power of Reading text 'Leon and Bob' by Simon James. The main character, Leon, is a young boy, who has recently moved to a new town with his mum. His dad is away with the army and Leon feels very lonely so he invents an imaginary friend called Bob. Bob goes everywhere with Leon until, one day, a new family move in next door. 
We looked for clues about Leon from his bedroom. We then thought about what our bedroom tells people about us. Here are some of of our drawings.
We used our imagination to write list poems to go with our drawings of our bedrooms.
We thought about and described what makes a good friend. From these descriptions we sketched a good friend.
We explored the book and wrote in role as Leon.
We used water colours to create a scene of us playing with our new friend.
Children's Comments

I really enjoyed the story Leon and Bob. I particularly liked the ending because Leon got a real friend called Bob, so he didn't need his imaginary friend any more.


I enjoyed sketching my friend in class. We got to use the sketching pencils and we spent a lot of time looking closely at our friend's faces.


I liked doing the painting activity. We used a wash to create a background scene and then, when it was dry, we added detail using felt tip pens. We created a scene of us playing with our new friend.


I had great fun drawing my bedroom and putting lots of things in it that gave people clues about what I like to do. I even put in things that I'm not allowed to have in my bedroom, like my dirty football boots and my bike!



Science Week

The whole school have been taking part in Science Week, where we have been conducting lots of different experiments that have been teaching us a whole range of scientific skills and concepts.


On our first day we carried out some experiments creating sound, using straws and a blowing technique and using plastic cups, string and some special rosin.

Screaming Cups

Still image for this video

Straw Blowing

Still image for this video

Rocking Parrots.

We cut out parrot shapes from card and then balanced them on the end of a pencil. When we pushed them gently, the parrots rocked backwards and forwards. We used Blu-tac to add weight to the tail and investigated how this affected the amount of times the parrot rocked.

Hunting for Mini-beasts.

We went out into the school grounds to see what mini-beasts we could find. We found lots of different types and took them back to the classroom for a better look.

Big Ears.

We thought about different animals that had big ears and the reasons for this. We then made our own 'big ears'. We took them outside and tried them out, comparing how far away we could hear Mrs. Lowrie, with and without our 'big ears'. We also talked about how the bigger the ear the more sound vibrations they can catch.


We made our own Play-Doh using flour, salt, water, vinegar, vegetable oil and food colouring. We then used the mini-beasts that we found as inspiration for our models. 


We used cornflour and water to make our very own slime. We got very messy doing this but it was great fun. The slime that we made behaved in a very strange manner. If we squeezed or pressed it, it acted like a solid and went hard, but if we lifted it up, it ran out of our fingers like a liquid...very strange!

Making Telephones.

We used plastic cups and string to make our own telephones! We discussed how sound travels and how the volume of the sound can be affected by the different lengths of string.

Making Panpipes.

We used different length straws to make our own panpipes. We discussed how the different length of the straws affected the pitch of the sound created.

Marble Track!

We designed and made a marble track to see which one would carry a marble for the longest time. We thought about how the gradient of the track affected the speed that the marble travelled.

Static Electricity.

We rubbed a balloon on our hair to create static energy, which we then used to make an empty coke can move. This was a difficult challenge which left us with crazy hair!

Chopstick Challenge!

We used chopsticks to move jelly cubes from one plate to another. This was a tricky task! We then added oil to our jelly to see how it affected our ability to pick up the jelly with our chopsticks. It became a very tricky task with the jelly slipping all over the place! We discussed how the oil had affected the surface of the jelly and the chopsticks and how this had impacted on the amount of friction created.

Strongest Bridge Challenge!

We had the challenge to design the strongest bridge using only card and Sellotape. We thought about what structures would create a strong bridge. 

Marshmallow Challenge!

With the help of some of our parents, we challenged ourselves to build the tallest tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows! We had lots of fun and got very sticky! The tallest tower in our class was 78cm!

Celebrating Science Week.

We wanted to share some of our work from Science Week, so we got together with the other Year 3 classes to produce this amazing display!

On the Ning Nang Nong!


As part of the school poetry days we have been looking at 'On the Ning Nang Nong' by Spike Milligan. We explored performing the poem, imagined and created our own interpretations of the 'Ning Nang Nong' and also described our own pictures using thoughtful adjectives. 


Look below at our amazing art work and descriptions.

Our Amazing Pictures!

Our Amazing Writing!