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'Learning to change the World' 'Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God' - Micah 6:8
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop. 

We now have our own class e-mail! Please fill in the form below to send us your comments and feedback. We are really excited to see what you think of all of our hard work and we will be checking our e-mail regularly! Thanks, 3CJ

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We have outdoor PE on a Thursday and indoor PE on a Tuesday - please ensure children come to school in their PE kits on these days. 

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Term 6

Term 6 Newsletter

LoE: How does a magnet work?

Home Learning Jigsaw Year 3 Term 6

Throughout Term 6, we will be carrying out a number of mini science enquiries.

To begin the Term, Year 3 will be doing a short enquiry investigating magnets. We will look at the properties of magnets and end up creating our own magnetic puppet show with moving characters.

During our rocks enquiry, we will be exploring different types of rocks, their texture and appearance, and how they have been formed and changed over millions of years, from the time that dinosaurs walked the planet. We will also be looking at how history has been preserved in the form of fossils.

Finally, in science we will also be looking at what plants need in order to survive and be healthy. We will be learning about the different parts of a plant and their functions. This will involve us planting our own sunflowers and each class will collectively plant a vegetable and observe what happens as it grows.

Alongside these mini science enquiries, in English, we will be reading the Spiderwick Chronicles and focusing on writing instructions, recounts and a narrative.

How do plants survive?


Towards the end of Term 6 we did a short enquiry about how plants survive. We looked at the key parts of a plants and the important roles they all played. For our challenge, we then made a concept cartoon with one true fact on and two misconceptions. This helped us to show what we had learnt. 

Road Safety


Towards the end of Term, we were lucky enough to have a road safety team come in and teach us about being safe on the roads. We had 3 different talks; one about being safe on bikes and scooters on the road, one about seat belts and booster seats and one about the different types of crossings we use. 


They were all really interesting and we learnt lots and lots. One of the main points we found out was, up until we are 135cm tall we should still legally be on a booster seat. Although the team recommend we should still be on one until we are taller than 150cm as that is the height seat belts were designed to be used from. 


Magnetic Puppet Show


To finish our magnets enquiry, we created our own magnetic puppet show. We worked in pairs and designed a background for our show before then designing some characters that we would make move using magnets. After we had finished designing and making our shows, we then planned our script before finally showing them to the rest of the class. 

Magnets show

Still image for this video

WOW - Magnets


To kickstart our enquiry around magnets, we went to the park to explore all of the forces that we could see working or thought were in action. We tried to use lots of the quipment and se if we could think about any different forces we knew were working!

Term 5

Home Learning Jigsaw Year 3 Term 5

Term 5 Newsletter

LoE: How did castle defences develop over time?

Our new enquiry 'How did castle defence develop over time?' will involve learning about the three main types of castle- motte and bailey, stone keep and concentric. We will be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each design and learn about how and why castle design developed and changed over time.


At the end of the enquiry the children will design and build their own castle that will reflect the different and varied defensive aspects that a castle should have. This will be completed in small groups with the end designs being displayed

In addition to our Castle Enquiry, we will be reading 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' within our English lessons. This is a tale about a toy rabbit who goes on adventure with his owner, but soon becomes lost and he encounters a range of different changes and characters throughout the story. We will be immersing ourselves into this story and by the end of the term will be writing our own adventure stories based on the structure of Edward Tulane.

The Dump


During the story, Edward ends up in a dump surrounded by rubbish. We drew some pictures of the dump, labelling it with adjectives to describe what we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch. We then used these pictures to help us write a setting description of the dump, focusing on using similes.

Bull - Character description


One of the characters in the story is called Bull. He is an enormous tramp, who finds Edward in the dump. Bull is a very friendly character and looks after Edward. He takes him on lots of adventures with his dog, Lucy. We wrote some character descriptions about Bull after drawing some pictures of him.



During weeks 1 and 2 we were learning lots of different things to do with geometry. This inclded looking at shapes, angles and different sets of lines!


We took this learning and then did an ionvestigation, seeing where we could spot different aspects of geometry in different flags.

Sports Hall Athletics


During Week 3, we were lucky to have some people come into school and do some different athletics activities with us. We did lots of different things such as; running, jumping, balancing and throwing.

WOW - Cardiff Castle


To kickstart our enquiry about castles, we spent the day visiting Cardiff Castle. We got on the coach and it took a whole hour to get there! When we arrived, we had a look around the inside of the castle's walls. There was a keep that we could climb to the top of. It was very high! 


After this, we went on a guided tour of the castle. We were told lots of intresting facts about the people who had lived in the castle over the years and also what famous people had visited it recently, including Barack Obama!


Luckily the sun was shining so we could eat our lunch on the benches outside. We then went into a workshop and learnt all about the armour, helmets and weapons that used to be used. It was an amazing day!

Term 4

LoE: Where does food come from?

Term 4 Home Learning Jigsaw

Term 4 Newsletter

Where does food come from?


This term we will be looking at where food comes from. This will involve us exploring all of the different ways food is produced or grown and how the food gets to the tables we eat from! Throughout the enquiry, we will also be looking at different countries in the world and where these are in relation to where we live, whilst looking at what foods are grown in those countries.

Challenge: making a food dish including a range of the food groups


To finish off our enquiry about where food comes from we worked collaboratively to create a food dish. We had to make sure we included a range of the different food groups that we have been learning about. Firstly we planned the dish before making it on paper plates with some different materials. 


We then wrote an explanation about the different food groups and said which of our ingredients belonged to which food group.


Some examples of our amazing work are below!

Sea Inspired Artwork


Following the fantastic artwork in Gregory Cool, we have had a go at recreating some of the images. Using pastels, we used short dashes and strokes to build up a wave picture, similar to those in the book. We used a range of blues and greens to create this and will put all of our drawings together to create one big picture of the ocean.
Story Teller


As part of World Book Week, we have been visited by a fantastic story teller. This involved an amazing story telling session in the hall to begin with, followed by some creative writing within our classrooms. We had so much fun getting involved in the stories that were told especially singing along with Martin.


Below are some of the pictures and a link to Miss Cook's class page where there is a video of the whole of Year 3! 

Food Sorting


As part of our enquiry, we have learnt about the different types of food. Initially, we sorted the different types of food into our own groups. It was intresting to see how other groups in the class sorted their's in different ways. We then learnt about reared, caught, grown and processed foods and used this knowledge to re-sort the food. 


We had to work collaboratively to decided where each item should go. We had some really good discussions about some of the pieces!



For our WOW, we all tried a range of new, different and exciting foods! Some of these were bread, tuna, mango, pineapple, pomegranate, cheese and lots more! We found a range of them delicious and were surprised about how they tasted. Throughout the afternoon, we discussed where we thought these foods might have come from.


"All of the foods were really exciting to try. My favourite was thepomegranate." Thomas


"I didn't like the was to cheesy!" Anon!


"I tried some food that I thought I didn't like, but it was actually delicious!" Various!

Computing - making a game!


As a mini enquiry to start Term 4, we spent two days on the iPads learning how to use an app called Hopscotch. This allowed us to design and make our own game using some basic programming skills. We had to create our own algorithms and also debug them if the objects didn't do what we wanted!


Below are some pictures and videos of us playing our games!

Hopscotch game - Rhys and Jack

Still image for this video

Hopscotch video

Still image for this video

Term 3

LoE: What did the Ancient Egyptians believe?

Term 3 Newsletter

Term 3 Home Learning Jigsaw



This term our challenge was to create a documentary about what the Ancient Egyptians believed. We worked in groups to produce a documentary full of facts that we have learnt during the term. When we were filming the documentaries, we used 'green screening' to make it look as though we were actually in Egypt!

Egyptian video 1

Still image for this video

Egyptian video 2

Still image for this video



This term we have been learning all about fractions in maths. We have begun this unit by grasping a clear understanding of the whole, part and the importance of it being equal. We have looked at a range of different concepts, some of which you can see below!



As part of our Egyptians enquiry we are learning how to write a set of insturctions. We matched different parts of instructions together to expolore, you will need boxes, methods and top tips! 

Sand Pictures

After learning about where Egypt is, we looked into what the weather might be like there and the different kind of landscapes that we might have seen during Ancient Egypt times. Using sand, paints and our very beautiful sketches, we have created sand pictures that show an Ancient Egyptian landscape.


As part of our WOW to introduce our enquiry based on the Ancient Egyptians, we all dressed up as a range of people that would have been seen during this time. We had a range of Pharoahs and explorers.

We were very lucky to have an Egyptologist visit us to teach us all about the Ancient Epyptians!

Term 2

Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Home Learning Jigsaw

LoE: Where is your place between?

Where is your place between?


This term our enquiry will be based around the story of Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister. In the story the main character, Leon, goes on an imaginary adventure full of mystery and wonder! For their challenge, the children will be writing their own adventure story set in an imaginary world. 

Challenge: Our Own Imaginary Stories


As part of our challenge we wrote our own imaginary stories based on Leon and the Place Between. We kept most of the story the same and then innovated our own place between and character. We based the place between on the ones we made during the term. We really enjoyed writing our stories and even turned them into books with their own front covers and illustrations! 

Story Front Covers


As part of our challenge, we made our own front covers for our stories. We had to think carefully about where we put the title and how clear it was. it was also great to get to write our own names as the authors of the book!

Our Place Between


After looking at the Place Between (where magic takes you) in detail, we have now created our own. We thought in dept about what these might be like and what we would like a magical world to be like. There were ice worlds, dinosaur worlds, sweetie and chocolate lands and much more. Using a range of materials, we have created collages of these and are very proud of the outcome! Check them out below!
Freeze Frames


In order to think about the different feelings throughout the story, we created freeze frames. This also helped us to think about each part of the story and what was happening. In small groups we re-created each scene where we got into role as a character in a still position. We needed to think carefully about our facial expressions and body language so that we could show our emotions through this.

Noun Phrases


To help us with our setting descriptions, we generated some noun phrases. We worked in our learning partners and identified a noun (a person/place or thing) and then thought of adjectives (describing words) to describe them. We wrote these down so we could then use them in our writing.

Indoor PE


This term we have been focusing on dance during indoor PE. However due to the bad weather we could not use the hall this week but we weren't to be defeated! Instead we did some circuit activities in our classrooms!

Readers Theatre


During Week 2, we looked at a specific part of the text. We worked in small groups to make the text come alive by thinking about the pitch, tone and volume of our voices. Afterwards we made some videos showing these. 

Readers Theatre 1

Still image for this video

WOW - Circus/Magic Day


To kick start our new enquiry we had a fantastic day based around magic and the circus. We had a magician come in and perform for us and then he even taught us some of his magic tricks. We also had the chance to make some juggling balls and try to learn to juggle. 


We had a great day and really enjoyed it! Some of the pictures from the day are below.  

Term 1

Term 1 Newsletter

Term 1 Home Learning Jigsaw- Year 3

Our enquiry: How do we move and grow?


Throughout this enquiry we will be investigating how we move and grow. We will learn about the three main functions of the skeleton and how muscles help us to move. We will also look at how food helps us to grow and what types of food we need to eat to be healthy.

LoE: How do we move and grow?

How are shadows formed?


During week 8, we had a mini-enquiry looking at how shadows are formed. We learnt about how we see and then thought about how shadows are formed. From this learning, we then made our won shadow puppet shows, linking it back to an autumn scene.


"I learnt that opaque objects create the best shadows!" Luke


"Light rays reflects off of objects so we can see," Thomas


You can see some of them below!

Shadow Puppet Show

Still image for this video

Shadow Puppet Show

Still image for this video

Autumn Poetry


During weeks 6 and 7, we began to learn about poetry. We learnt about alliteration, similes and onomatopoeia. We then wrote our own autumn poems using all of these figurative devices! Have a look at some of our poems below.

Autumn Art


To go with our autumn poetry we have been producing some autumn art. During week 7, we created our own animals out of different leaves, twigs and anything else we could find from nature! A few of our examples are below, can you tell what they are? 



In order to answer out enquiry question, we created posters to present the information that we have learned. We did this in our learning partners and took time to plan and decide how to present the facts. 

Take a look at some examples of our work below!

Don't Gossip - Our Value of Trust


In collective worship we have been think about our value of trust. We thought about how this linked to friendship and then made some posters about not gossiping about our friends. There are 4 things we need to think about; is it true?, is it about me?, is it kind? and is it helpful?


Below are some of our posters.

Eatwell Plates - Healthy Eating!


As part of our enquiry we looked at the eatwell plate to see what types of foods we should be eating and how much of each type. We started off by grouping foods in our own categories such as; healthy and unhealthy, fruits and vegetables, meats and even by colours!


After we sorted the foods into the 5 food groups. We then used our new knowledge to draw different foods into these food groups on our own eatwell plates! 

Acting adverbs


To help us learn about adverbs we had the chance to act them out. We did this because adverbs describe how we do things!


"It made learning about adverbs fun!" Jade

PE - Gymnastics


This term in PE we have been focusing on gymnastics. We have been looking at ways in which we can make our bodies stretch, curl and arch. We have had great fun using the equipment. moving across it in a variety of different ways with out focus in mind. The pictures below show us in our lovely new PE kits!



To start our enquiry we examined some x-rays of different bones. As scientists, we looked at each of these and tried to determine where they are located on the body and their names. Some we easier than others!


In small groups we then had a go at putting together our own skeletons. This was great fun but also quite tricky as we weren’t always sure where each bone belongs.

Our Values: Honesty


We have been looking at our School Values during the first two days in Junior School. In our class we have been learning about honesty. We had a discussion about why it was important to be honest and how we felt when people had not been honest with us. Check out some of the photos below of us doing our role plays about honesty. 

Showing honesty

Still image for this video