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Running Club

Running Club 2015-2016

Running club will continue to run on Tuesdays, after school, until 4pm. This club will run from Term 1 to Term 4. We always welcome new members so please see Miss Perrett for details.

Running club starts with a long run. Each week, we get stronger and faster, and can run further. One of our members recently ran 26 laps of the field, non-stop! After a rest, we then practise our sprinting before playing some running games. Our favourite is manhunt and Miss Perrett always gets caught!

Term 2

Hurricane Barny won't stop us from training! Running club met in 4JP to improve their fitness. Followed by some relay races in the year 4 corridors!

2014 - 2015

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Running Club will run from Terms 1-5, every Tuesday from 3.15 - 4pm. 


So far, we have practised our long distance running, challenging ourselves to run further each week. With Cross Country season approaching, we have been working on pacing ourselves, to make sure we can run for longer amounts of time.


We also practise our sprinting, to prepare us for Sport's Day. We play running games such as Tag and Stuck in the Mud.


There are still spaces available, and we welcome all runners. Please see Miss Perrett for more information.



Term 4

Welcome to our new members!


With cross country season approaching, running club has become even more popular. Our regular runners are now joined by those in training for cross country. This week, we have enjoyed showing them how we work hard to improve our running.


Each week, we work hard to improve on our long distance running. This week, new member Anton set a new record, he ran for 10.5 minutes before stopping!


We then play running games to improve our strength, agility and, most importantly, our sprint finish!




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