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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is an important part of our school. It is used to help the school make decisions that have an impact on us, the children.


Pupil Voice 2017-2018
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How Pupil Voice members are chosen

Following the British value of democracy, instead of the teachers choosing the members of Pupil Voice, there is an election. We set up the hall as a polling station where there is a ballot box and a slip. On this, you write the name of the person you want to represent you. Two people (a boy and a girl) are selected by children in their class.

What is our role?

We meet up at least twice a term. As well as sharing our class’s thoughts and ideas, we focus on tasks that Mr Walters  sets us. When every Pupil Voice meeting is over, we have a talk with our class; this is so they hear about what we have been discussing and so that they can give us their feedback.

Our First Meeting!

Pupil Voice had an excellent first meeting where they discussed lots of important information. They discussed what the role of Pupil Voice was and how they could fulfil their role. They then went on to discuss which charities the school should support. As a group, they had to discuss a local charity and a national charity. Each member  was then set the task to go and discuss this with their class, collect lots of ideas ready for our next meeting!

Here are this year's Pupil Voice members:
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