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Welcome to the history page! As history is such a massive topic, we have decided to zone in on a few areas in our own history in England. To start with we looked at The Black Death, which started in 1348 and ended in 1351.


First, we wanted to know what started The Black Death, which was disgusting. We found out it came from the fleas on the rats!! These fleas lived on infected rats and then bit human beings. When a victim had been bitten they came up in these things called buboes, which filled with blood - where the term Black Death came from - and victims ended up covered in buboes and died usually within 12 hours. 


As as a task, we pretended to go back in time to 1348 and we created posters to warn people about The Black Death. We wrote about the symptoms the infected patient would get and what types of cures they could use. These cures were ridiculous! Things such as rubbing a live frog on your tummy and sitting in the sewers. We knew these wouldn't work but had to pretend because we had gone back in time. 


Take a look at some of our posters!!