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Gifted and Talented- Computing and Maths

On Wednesday 21st January, 6 children from St Stephen's Juniors, along with 15 children from local schools, took part in an investigation using technology.


The children investigated angles using Probots and 'debugged' algorithms (correcting mistakes in instructions). Once this had been completed, they discussed the properties of angles- in particular, the distance between two lines the further they are away from the angle's vertex.


The Probots were used to draw accurate angles with length sides- but this was not enough for their task!


After moving outside, the children continued their task using twine, tape and measuring tape to extend the lines they had drawn!


iPads were used to record the measurements and then graph their results!


Back in the hall...

If a 15 degree line was continued for 1.5m- how far apart would the lines be from each other?


One groups estimate was 39cm... the actual measurement was... 39.496cm


Amazing work from all!


Mr Stinchcombe