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Collective Worship Term 1 2016

Our Collective Worship theme this term is Trust.
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Who can we trust?

Who can we trust? 1

We started Collective Worship by thinking about what we mean by trust.  We used the following acrostic poem to help us: 

Taking someone at their word

Relying on someone to support you

Unbreakable promises

Showing that you can be trustworthy

Treasuring good friends.

 We then thought about who we can we trust? We agreed that we can trust our family and friends, adults in school and different people in the community such as police officers and nurses.  We watched the clip from Finding Nemo where Dory and Marlin are about to swim through the Jellyfish when Dory says 'Trust me I'm your friend'.  We then went on to think about what happens when someone breaks that trust and asked ourselves 'Should we trust them again?' we decided that people should be given a second chance and that if we chose not to trust anyone, our lives could be very sad and lonely.

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Don't judge a book by it's cover!

Don't judge a book by it's cover! 1

Today we started our worship by thinking about crisps!  Ms Wilson shared  lots of information including the fact that the biggest crisp ever made was nearly a metre wide and weighed 150 grams.  She then asked for a volunteer to come and taste some crisps. Keiran came to the front and took part in a blindfolded crisp challenge.  However, he didn't do to well as the flavour he thought the crisp was, was not the same as on the cover.  we were asked 'who do we trust, the packet or Keiran?  Most said the packet as you tend to get inside what the packet says on the outside.  However, Ms Wilson said that she had mixed the crisps up therefore what you see on the outside can be misleading.


We then looked at photographs of people in society that do not always look the same as others.  We were asked if we could tell what the people were like just bu looking at them.  We agreed that you cannot and that it is important to get to know people before making a judgement about them.  We ended our by listening to the poem Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss which illustrated that you really have to try something or get to know someone before you decide if you like them or not.

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Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets 1

In Collective Worship we thought about the importance of being trustworthy.  Mr Walters asked 'Is it was important to keep secrets? It was decided that it is.  he then asked us how we would feel if someone shared one of our secrets.  Let down, sad and thinking that someone could not be trusted were some of the the thoughts that were shared.  The House Captains then read the story of Samson and Delilah to show what can happen if you share a secret with someone who is untrustworthy.  The story taught us that sometimes we should not share secrets with others or that it is not our right to share the secrets of others.


During reflection time, we listened to the following poem:

If you’re looking for a friend

and someone kindly should apply,

say you want someone

upon whose word you really can rely.

Say they have to have good judgement

and make it very plain

that if something is a secret

then that’s how it should remain!

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Actions speak louder than words.

Actions speak louder than words. 1
Today we focused on the saying 'Actions speak louder than words'.  To help us understand this, we heard the story of The Careless Farmer who kept breaking his promises to his wife and, as a result, he lost all the animals he was going to sell at market.  The story made us realise that 'a promise is a promise' and that it is no good making lots of promises if we cannot keep them.  We thought about how difficult it is, at times, to keep promises because other things get in the way.  However, the story taught us that others will not trust us if we let them down, so we are sometimes better off not making them - people will only trust what we do, not what we say!
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