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This year, we are focusing on our art techniques and our design and technology skills. We will have a different focus each term and will spend a day learning about people who are famous for using the skill, how to do it and then we shall put it into practice by creating our own art piece. Throughout the day, we shall also be using our Purple Learning knowledge; being ready to make mistakes, understanding how to improve and being prepared to give honest but constructive advice to others. 

Term 1: Sketching

This term, we have been focusing on sketching. We began by looking at learning about what the skill is, what it looks like and how we do it. Once we knew this, we began practicing the skill and drew a first draft of our picturing using our new sketching skill. After this, we took inspiration from 'Austin's Butterfly' and began thinking 'how could I make my artwork even better?' We picked out aspects that we thought we could improve on and redrafted our piece. We could not believe the difference redrafting and refocusing could make! Finally, when our beautiful masterpieces were finished, we displayed our achievements in our art gallery in the hall.