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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop. 

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We have our own 6RC email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below- we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Term 4

For the first couple of weeks of Term 4, we will be continuing our Wolf Brother enquiry so that we can get to grips with what it means to write a quest story and to then create our own!

Term 3

Enquiry Title: Where will your quest take you?
In Term 3, we will be using the adventure story, ‘Wolf brother,’ by Michelle Paver, as a stimulus for our writing. This is a story about a young boy, Torak, who lives in an ancient world steeped in magic. His adventure to avenge his father, alongside an unexpected companion, will take us on an emotional journey through shadowy and mystical lands.
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Safer Internet Day: Campaigns
As part of our Safer Internet Day, we created posters in order to campaign about the importance of showing respect online and being safe online.
Creating our own characters
In preparation for writing our own quest stories, we have designed our own characters. We used our knowledge of Torak in Wolf Brother had to think carefully about what personality traits our character would need to survive on their journey. 
Letter in role
While in role as Torak's Dad, Fa, we wrote a letter of apology to explain why we had held so many secrets from our son for so long. We had to do some drama to really get to grips with how Torak might feel after finding out so much of his life had been kept a secret. We then used our recent learning of multi-clause sentences to make our letters interesting to read!
What do we know about the main character Torak?
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Wolf Sketching
We have been using pencils and charcoal to sketch wolves. We have looked closely at the shapes which make up their bodies and thought about how they might be positioned. We found that different mediums were useful for different things. For example, we found it easier to create fine detail with sketch pencils but found charcoal easier to shade with.
Freeze Frames
Our art skill this term has been collage. We spent a couple of days learning how to blend colour, practise how to create an image using different materials and then as our prove it, in pairs, we created collages of a forest or nature scene.

During week two, we were told our new enquiry question, 'Where will your quest take you?' We imagined that we had become stranded on a desert island and had to complete various quests in order to survive and be rescued. We worked collaboratively to create a light which would signal a passing plane as well as potions to heal wounds and treat illnesses. 


In the afternoon, we were introduced to our new book, 'Wolf Brother'. We can't wait to find out more about the characters and their quest.

Term 2

Enquiry title: How do offspring inherit characteristics?

During Term 2, we will be using the inspiring text ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio as a stimulus for our writing. This is a story about a young boy, August, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome. The plot takes us through his very first days at school and we learn how he is treated by others just because of the way he looks. We will go on a journey with August and discover the emotional roller-coaster that he takes as he steps into school life.


In addition to this, throughout the term as well as using the text, we will be learning some more incredible science based on evolution and inheritance where we will learn all about how genetics are inherited through living things.

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What matters most to Christians and to Humanists?
For our R.E enquiry, we learned about what both Christians and Humanists believe and out of these, what matters most to them. Following this, we created posters to share our understanding of what matters the most for both of these religions. 
To end our enquiry on genetics and inheritance, we had fun creating our own cross-bred animals!
August Pullman
The main character, August Pullman, in Wonder has Treacher Collins Syndrome and throughout the story, the author leaves it very late to give us a detailed description of him. After listening to this, and using the skills that we have previously learned in art, we all sketched a portrait of August in the way that we have each interpreted the description. 
Artwork: Painting
This term, we have been learning how to paint properly using tone, shading  and colour. We practised blending colours and creating shadows and then using Van Goph as our inspiration, we re-created his famous painting 'Starry night.'
Anti-Bullying Week

To link in with Anti-Bullying week and as we have been thinking about Wonder, a book which looks at hurtful comments towards people who are 'different', we decided to combine the two ideas and create anti bullying posters. We discussed what bullying meant and thought about how it is different from being unkind. We learned all about the #ChooseKind campaign and created slogans to encourage people to treat every body's equally.

Persuasive Writing
After deciding whether we though August should start school like every other child, we wrote a piece of persuasion to express our thoughts and views while making sure we included a range of modal verbs!
Conscience Alley: Should August go to school?
We created a conscience alley to help us decide whether August should go to school or not. We took it in turns to take on the role of August's parents and then the rest of us thought of reasons for and against him attending school for the very first time.
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To start out enquiry this term, we explored the front cover of Wonder. We discussed who the character might be on the front and thought about how and why they have been illustrated in this way. Using the same style of art, we then created our own faces by just showing our hair and one eye to identify ourselves. When we were all finished, we collected all of our faces together to form a class collage for our door displays.

Observing over time-mould!

In order to test the best conditions for mould to grow, we have conducted an experiment that we are observing over time. We have planted 3 pieces of bread in 3 different places-Miss Cook's cupboard, the fridge and the freezer. We will be checking on them weekly to see which one is going to have mould grown on it first..


We have also planted an apple in our allotment to see what happens to it over time when it has been left... this space!


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What are humans?

As part of our second mini science enquiry, we have learned all about why and how living organisms are classified. We have looked at different types of cats where we looked closely at their characteristics to be able to identify them as species.

We also looked at different types of flowers and how their characteristics were both similar and different. After looking at animals and plants, we had fun with classifying different types of sweets and created our own filters to try and classify each type as explicitly as possible.


To end the enquiry and to bring together our learning about classification, we designed our own animal and created its own classification to give it its own identity.  

In a set of Christmas lights, what happens if one bulb fails?

During our first week back, we are exploring two mini Science enquiries.


Our first enquiry is all about Electricity. To begin, we enjoyed reminding ourselves all about simple circuits and electrical components. We have learned that mains electricity is far more powerful than a battery operated circuit because a much higher voltage is produced! We worked as scientists to find and fix mistakes in simple circuits and conducted an investigation to find out whether the number of lamps affected the amount of light produced. We then went on to learn how some lights are wired as a series and some are wired as a parallel circuit.


From this, we were then able to form an understanding about what happens if a light bulb blows. We finished our enquiry by making our own light-up board games!

Term 1

Enquiry title: How were the people of Britain effected by the First World War?

This term, we are excited to be learning all about WW1. We will be exploring how it all began and who was involved as well as ways that the war affected every day life. We already have so many questions which we can't wait to get answered!

Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's wartime novel 'Private Peaceful.'

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Happy Birthday St Stephen's!

In celebration of St Stephen's 50th birthday, we enjoyed a 1960's fun filled day. We all came to school dressed as people from the '60s and did lots of activties and sang lots of songs from these times. 

We also looked at the artist Andy Warhol, who was popular during this era, and created our own pieces of art inspired by his work. 

Prove it: News Reports
To finish our enquiry, in groups of 3, we chose one area of life in Britain that was affected by the war. We then researched this area and brought all of our knowledge together to create a news report explaining how this aspect was effected. 

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What does it mean to be a Muslim?
For our R.E enquiry, we have learned about what it means to be a Muslim and related their beliefs and views to our lives. This includes the 5 Pillars of Islam and the festivals celebrations that they hold. 
Join the Army!
After learning all about the recruitment of soldiers for WW1, we wrote a piece of persuasive writing that persuades men to sign up to fight in the war.
In trying to recruit men to enlist for the war, the streets were littered with posters in hope to try and persuade men to want to be part of the war effort. We looked at some examples that were used back in WW1 and then created our own propaganda posters. 
During P.E, we were lucky enough to have a Zumba teacher come in and deliver a lesson for us to give us a taster of what a Zumba after school club might be like. We had so much fun dancing!

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E-safety: How can we make strong passwords?

Across the school during term 1, our art focus is sketching. We have spent a lot of time learning how to hold the pencil in different ways to create different weights and thicknesses and have also learned some different techniques such as hatching, stippling, contour hatching and cross-hatching. To link in with our WW1 enquiry, we have sketched soldiers and different scenes from during this time. 
For our outdoor P.E this term, we are lucky to have basketball coaches to come in and teach us lots of skills and eventually we hope to learn how to play properly. In week 2, we learned some basic dribbling skills and played lots of fun games! 
Outdoor Learning-iMovie Practise
In order to prepare us for a challenge of creating a news report on an aspect of WW1, we needed to remind and learn how to use iMovie effectively. We took to the school grounds to explore and create our own advertisements for St Stephen's Juniors at break and lunch and sport at our school. 


For our WOW, Mr Evans (otherwise known as Bombardier Evans) took on the role of a WW1 Officer and we all had to get into role as soldiers and follow his very strict orders. We learned how to march properly and understood how important it was to follow him exactly. In addition, we learned all about typical classrooms in the early 20th century and some of the countries which were involved in the First World War. We enjoyed digging trenches in the rain and even had a go at some very tricky needlework! We can't wait to find out more!