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Term 1

This term, we are excited to be learning about World War 1. We will be exploring how it all began and who was involved as well as ways that the war affected every day life. We already have so many questions which we can't wait to get answered!


Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's wartime novel 'Private Peaceful.'

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Investigating over time

To make the most of this beautiful Autumn sunshine, we have have been taking our learning outside in order to observe what happens to our shadows over the course of a day. In teams of three, we ventured outside - every hour - to draw around our shadows. To make it a fair test, we made sure people kept to the same roles and we measured everything three times to ensure accurate results. We will be discussing the reasons for our changing shadows later in the enquiry.


In week five, we began our first Science unit in year 6: Electricity. We hadn't studied this topic since Year 4 but impressed Miss Perrett by showing her how to create a simple circuit. Some of us also demonstrated our knowledge of conductors by including a pencil sharpener in our circuit! We also considered what life would be like without electricity and realised how much more difficult it would make life for Tommo - our main character from 'Private Peaceful'. Check back in to see what else we've learned. 

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Our outdoor PE this term will focus on Tennis. For our first lesson, we focussed on our fitness and ability to balance a ball. We competed in our houses and Miss Perrett was impressed by how well we came up with different strategies to improve our performance.


Local history study

Today we were very lucky to have Michael Gorley, a Historic England Historian, visit us to help with our local history study. We were very excited to learn all about the history of Kingswood, the origin of its name and the people who used to live here. It was very interesting, when investigating the historical maps, to see how much our local area has changed - even our school has relocated! To link with our WW1 enquiry, we also used the website to explore the lives of soldiers who lived in Kingswood before joining the war.


Our first Monday back at school was a whole-day Wow all about WW1. We were astonished when our day was interrupted by the sound of any air raid siren. There was no light except for small candles which had been placed around our classroom. We crouched under our desks and braced for impact. To pass the time, we wrote letters and diaries about our feelings and played quiet games of 'blow football'. After break, Mr Evans, who was wearing accurate WW1 dress for a soldier, told us lots of information about all the information worn by soldiers and why. He then took us outside to show us typical WW1 drills. After lunch, we baked trench cake and learned about rations during the war. Finally, we discovered that our new Power of Reading text was going to be 'Private Peaceful' by Michael Morpurgo. We can't wait to discover more about WW1 and what it was like to live there.