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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop. 

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We have our own 6AO email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below- we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Term 2

Enquiry title: How do offspring inherit characteristics? 

During Term 2, we will be using the inspiring text ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio as a stimulus for our writing. This is a story about a young boy, August, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome. The plot takes us through his very first days at school and we learn how he is treated by others just because of the way he looks. We will go on a journey with August and discover the emotional roller-coaster that he takes as he steps into school life.


In addition to this, throughout the term as well as using the text, we will be learning some more incredible science based on evolution and inheritance where we will learn all about how genetics are inherited through living things.

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Art - Painting


For our art this term, we have been exploring the work of Vincent Van Gogh. When creating our own pieces we have discussed using textures, tones, colours and light to paint our man-made and natural objects. To prove our new-developed learning and techniques we re-created 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh. See how his painting techniques have inspired us below!


To start out enquiry this term, we explored the front cover of Wonder. We discussed who the character might be on the front and thought about how and why they have been illustrated in this way. Using the same style of art, we then created our own faces yet with missing features. When we were all finished, we collected all of our faces together to form a class collage for our door displays.

Answer: What makes me human?

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In order to test our abilities to identify and classify, we were given the task to classify a range of sweets and chocolate. See our classification charts to know what's what!

Acting as botanists: What are the features of these plants?

What conditions do micro-organisms prefer? 


In order to test the best conditions for mould to grow, we have conducted an experiment that we are observing over time. We have planted 3 pieces of bread in 3 different places: Miss O'Callaghan's cupboard, the fridge and the freezer. We will be checking on them weekly to see which one is going to have mould grown on it first..


We have also planted an apple in our allotment to see what happens to it over time when it has been left... this space!

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What makes me human?


Prior knowledge

Did you know that there are over 10 million types of living organism on our planet? As a class we had the task of trying to classify ourselves. We each wore a label of a living thing and had to work together to decide how we could be grouped. 

In a set of Christmas lights, what happens if one bulb fails?


Prove it: Electronic Quiz

We created quizzes using our circuit knowledge. We knew that metal was a conductor and, therefore, used paperclips as part of our circuit. When the right answer to a question was tapped, the circuit was complete and our bulb lit up!

Investigation: Does the number of lamps affect the amount of light produced?

How do electrons flow?

Outside we demonstrated how electrons flow through a circuit. We thought about many components, including a buzzer, lamp, switch and cell. We had to be aware of when a circuit was flowing and what then would hapeen to our electrical current. 

In a set of Christmas lights, what happens if one bulb fails?

During our first week back, we are exploring two mini Science enquiries. Our first enquiry is all about Electricity. so far, we have enjoyed reminding ourselves all about simple circuits and electrical components. We have learned that mains electricity is far more powerful than a battery operated circuit because a much higher voltage is produced! We worked as scientists to find and fix mistakes in simple circuits and conducted an investigation to find out whether the number of lamps affected the amount of light produced. Check back for more of our amazing science discoveries.

Term 1

Enquiry title: How were the people of Britain effected by the First World War?



This term, we are excited to be learning all about WW1. We will be exploring how it all began and who was involved as well as ways that the war affected every day life. We already have so many questions which we can't wait to get answered!

Alongside our enquiry, we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's wartime novel 'Private Peaceful.'

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Term 1 reflections:


"Private Peaceful was actually really sad. I even cried at the end."


"The propaganda posters were cool to make. I liked looking at the originals too."


"I loved Beam House, I can't believe I did everything - it was a big thing for me!"


"60's day was loads of fun. Listening to the music (like Elvis Presley) was definitely my favourite part."

50th Birthday Celebrations


Today we celebrated the 50th birthday of our school by dressing up and learning about the fabulous 1960's!

WWI Challenge


To end our enquiry based on WW1, in small groups we created our own news reports focusing on an area of life that would have been affected by the war. Some of us looked at life in the trenches while others looked at women during the war. Enjoy watching us take on the roles of news reporters and war veterans!

Mikey, Seb and Daniel

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Eden, Evie, Piper and Ethan

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What does it mean to be a Muslim?


As a final challenge in our R.E. learning we wrote a non-chronological report detailing all the information we gathered about Islam and what it means to follow the religion.

Learning about Islam


For our R.E enquiry, we have learned about what it means to be a Muslim and how their beliefs and views from Islam can be related to our own lives. This included learning about the 5 Pillars of Islam and the festivals and celebrations that they hold. 

Join the Army - Persuasion Writing

After learning all about the recruitment of soldiers for WW1, we wrote a piece of persuasive writing to convince men to sign up to fight in the war.

Propaganda Posters

In an effort to recruit men during WW1, propaganda posters littered the streets in order to persuade men to fight. We then looked at some real examples to inspire us before we created our own.


As part of our E-Safety learning we thought about how we can make our passwords safe. Using the tips we learnt, we had a go at practising.
WW1 Sketching

We have been learning new sketching skills to improve our art. We spent time focussing on different techniques such as hatching, stippling, contour hatching and cross-hatching. We then put our learning into practise when we sketched real images of WW1 soldiers. We were really pleased with our progress and end results!

Outdoor Learning-iMovie Practise

In order to prepare us for a challenge of creating a news report on an aspect of WW1, we needed to remind ourselves and learn how to use iMovie effectively. We took to the school grounds to explore and create our own advertisements for St Stephen's Juniors sports and 'How we use our Secret Garden'.


For our WOW, Mr Evans (otherwise known as Bombardier Evans) took on the role of a WW1 Officer and we all had to get into role as soldiers and follow his very strict orders. We learned how to march properly and understood how important it was to follow him exactly. In addition, we learned all about typical classrooms in the early 20th century and some of the countries which were involved in the First World War. We enjoyed digging trenches in the rain and even had a go at some very tricky needlework! We can't wait to find out more!