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Term 4

Term 4 Newsletter

Enquiry Overview: Can change always be reversed?

Science is at the forefront of our minds this term as we launch our first science enquiry: ‘Can change always be reversed?’ Working scientifically, we will be looking at the different properties of materials before moving onto investigating reversible and irreversible changes. We will be planning, carrying out and concluding a range of experiments and using out maths skills to record the data gathered. As our challenge, we look forward to answering the question ‘Can change always be reversed?’ by creating our very own science show, using the ipads.


This week we are focusing on measuring capacity. To kick start our learning, we spent our maths lesson exploring different objects, estimating and measuring their capacity. We couldn't believe how close some of our estimations were!

Comic Relief!

We have had a great day today for Comic Relief. We came dressed in our Pyjamas clutching our pound donations. We found out about the amazing charity and created persuasive posters to inform and persuade our audience that they should donate to comic relief, a very worthy cause indeed.


We have been reading more of 'The Highwayman' this week, freeze framing different parts in the story. We focused on how Bess would be feeling during these different events and why she might be feeling that way.

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Converting mass

Today we have been learning about mass and exploring how to estimate and measure it. We felt different masses before having a go at estimating objects around the room. We couldn't believe how light 100g was!

Outdoor learning- perimeter

During our maths lesson today, we explored what the perimeter of a shape is by walking around the edge of the football pitch. This helped us to understand what perimeter is and how it is different to the area of a shape. We then applied this understanding once we were back in the classroom.

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Picture 3

Safer Internet Day

To celebrate Safer Internet Day earlier this year, we took part in some e-safety activities . Our task was to listen to some scenarios and decide how we would react. The scenarios were all linked to being safe online, with a particular focus on sharing images. We acted out these scenarios and then froze at certain points, explaining what we were doing and thinking. To end the day, we then had an afternoon assembly which told us more about e-safety and how to stay safe online. We saw how a photo can get spread from one person to a whole group of people. We also discussed what information you can get from images you share online. Now we know what images are suitable to be shared and how to ensure that they stay safe.

Safer Internet Day Assembly

Baking cakes

To further explore our understanding of reversible and irreversible changes, we made some cakes and discussed which changes could be revered and which ones couldn't. We really enjoyed putting our learning into action!

Length: How do we measure length?

We explored what equipment we would need to measure certain lengths around school. We discussed what an estimation is before we went outside. We then went outside and measures different lengths using a variety of different pieces of equipment. Then we compared our original estimations to our actual results when we got back into class. We were amazed at how close some of our estimations were! 

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day we all came to school dressed as a character from a book that we have read. We had Dennis the Menace, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Anne of Green Gables and many, many more.


Throughout the afternoon we did a variety of activities linked to World Book Day- design a Book Day voucher, book quizzes and write part of a story that was added to by children from each year group. The end results were quite amazing!


To finish the day off many of us came together in the hall for an evening of story telling, and of course hot chocolate with marshmallows!!

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Alien soup!

This afternoon we were set a task that was very alien to us! We were given a bowl of random objects including pasta, sand and paper clips. Our task was to use what he have learn about separating materials to split the soup up into all of its original ingredients. It was a very messy task but we really enjoyed applying our learning!

Reversible and irreversible changes

We have been understanding the difference between a reversible change and an irreversible change. To do this, we looked at a range of different reactions. From placing a berocca into water, to cooking an egg. This helped us to understand the difference between physical changes and chemical changes.


As part of our wow, we watched what happened when mentos mints were added to coke. It was exciting to watch the explosion of coke. We thought it looked like a volcano erupting! We also made a gloop, using water and corn flour. It was strange how one moment it acted like a solid and another it moved like a liquid. We can't wait to explore this topic further to answer our enquiry question: 'Can change always be reversed?'

Coke and mints experiment

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Term 3

Term 3 Newsletter

Enquiry Overview: What was it like to be a Viking?

This term, as historians, we are investigating the question: ‘What was it like to be a Viking?’ Throughout the term, we will learn all about who the Vikings were, how and why they travelled, settled and invaded and what impact they had on our land. To end the term, we will put all of our knowledge to the test to complete our challenge which is to produce a non-chronological report explaining Viking life. What an exciting enquiry, we can’t wait to get started!

Term 3 Reflections

'I think Term 3 has been great because we had so much fun making posters about Vikings!" Mason

" I am so glad because this Term, in writing, I have learnt how to use tense correctly." Mollie

"I really enjoyed making iMovies this Term, I've never done it before and it was lots of fun!" Jun

" I have really enjoyed swimming this Term because we got to do the Hokey Cokey!" Liam

" PE has been really tough this Term which has been great because now I feel really fit!" Paige






RE Challenge

To celebrate what we have been learning about in RE this term, we decided to create Prezi presentations to share our understanding of the Sikh religion and the importance of a Gurdwara. We really enjoyed using Prezi to represent our learning in an interactive and engaging way.


We have been using Makey Makeys to design and make our very own games controller. To do this, we firstly had to create a circuit for our Makey Makeys. Then we explored which materials in the class were conductors and which were insulators. Finally, we got to create our games controllers and try them out on some games! We were amazed at our results and we certainly won't look at celery the same way again!

Visiting the Gurdwara

As part of our R.E this term, we have been thinking about the question: 'What is a place of worship'. We went to visit a local Gurdwara and found out lots of interesting information. It was great to see where the Guru Granth Sahib is kept and we had all of our questions answered. A really fun trip to help us gain knowledge about Sikhism.


Our challenge was to create a non-chronological report all about Vikings and their life. During this term we have learnt lots about these brutal warriors and we can now safely say that we are very happy that we are living in 2017 and not 793AD!

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Our Class Assembly

Our Class Assembly 1
Our Class Assembly 2
Our Class Assembly 3
Our Class Assembly 4
Our Class Assembly 5
Our Class Assembly 6

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to watch our class assembly! It was a great success and we really enjoyed showing off our hard work. We hope everyone enjoyed it!

Imovie - Lindisfarne 793AD!

As we head towards our final end write and challenge, we learnt about a very important Viking raid. To help us remember the key events, we put together an Imovie trailer. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Collaborative Learning

To help us complete our challenge this term, we worked in groups to create a non-chronological report. Researching viking life was extremely important so we had enough information to include. We use ipads to look at a range of websites. Once we had carried out our research, we got to work creating our projects. We were able to create whatever we wanted as long as it showed the new knowledge we had gained. In groups, we shared our ideas, took turns and worked collaboratively to produce finished projects we felt very proud of.

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We are lucky enough to have our Madarin lessons taught by a Mandarin teacher who is joining us for the duration of this year. We had our second lesson today and we learnt how to introduce ourselves in Mandarin. We also learnt about a typical school day in China. We are very excited to learn more as the school year progresses! 

Introducing ourselves

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Possibility Adverbs

We have been thinking about possibility adverbs. They show different levels of possibility. How likely or unlikely an event is. We started off by creating a word bank of possibility adverbs. We then went outside and ordered ourselves from very likely to very unlikely. We had lots of discussion about what the words meant and placed the words into different contexts to fully understand them. It was a really fun activity that helped with our learning. 

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Picture 4

Identifying fractions 

This term we will be focusing on fractions. To introduce this maths topic, we explored how we can physically identify fractions. To do this, we explored what unit fractions are and what these look like. We were surprised that the larger the fraction was, the smaller the equal part was.


Term 2

Term 2 Newsletter

Enquiry: How does art enhance storytelling?

During this enquiry, How does art enhance storytelling?, we will be investigating and evaluating a range of storytelling methods, including plays, audio books, stories told through music, art and text. Our final challenge will see us put together a class e-book starting with a music composition to introduce our innovated stories which will be told through the mediums of art, prose and spoken work.

Term 2 Reflections


"I really enjoyed enjoy The Princess' Blanket book. It was full of emotions and being left on a cliffhanger meant I was desperate to find out what happened next! I think it's the best book I've ever read!" Eden.


"I loved getting messing using my fingers to create art!" Abi.


"I liked it when we got to write a snowy setting description, it made me feel really cold!" Mason.


" I think that the new way we learn writing has really helped me this term." Ethan.



RE Challenge

RE Challenge 1
RE Challenge 2
RE Challenge 3
RE Challenge 4

Is the Christmas story true?

In order to investigate our key question, we first looked at a typical version of the Christmas story found in any story book. Next, we compared this version with two found in the bible. These were Luke Chapter 1:26-38 - 2:1-20 and Matthew 1:18 - Chapter 2:12. We looked at the similarities and differences between them and used this to answer our key question.

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Our final challenge for our enquiry this term was to put together a class e-book showcasing our innovated stories using art, music and spoken words. Our e-book begins with a music composition which was created as a whole class. The e-book then goes on to showcase our innovated stories which were told through the mediums of art, prose and spoken work.


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This term, Year 5 have been thinking about how to stay safe online. We thought about all the reliable people we can tell if we have a problem. SMART rules are really useful to help us remembering how to stay safe so we created our own colourful posters!


As part of our challenge, we have been using oil paints to create some abstract paintings.

First of all, we had a go at using different techniques and experimented with colour. We thought about how colour can show different emotions. We then created our final piece based around the Forest Blanket. These pieces of art will be used to create a class e-book.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Today we had a chance to try out the new Chromebooks in school. We had lots of fun exploring how the Chromebooks work and how we could use Gdrive to share our work with the whole class. We then used Scratch to create our own 'Knock Knock' jokes, uploading our finished animations into our class folder on Gdrive.

Craft Club

This term, our PGCE students have kindly offered to run a lunchtime craft club for us. Each week, we will get the chance to design and make new crafts that we can take home and enjoy . We will be sharing our latest craft creations on our website so make sure you check it regularly !

Outdoor Learning

We have been putting ourselves in the shoes of characters from our power of reading text; The Princess' Blanket. We acted out part of the story, imagining what questions we would ask the King if we got to meet him and how he might respond to the questions asked.

Role Play

Role Play 1
Role Play 2
Role Play 3
Role Play 4

Anti-Bullying Week!

This week we have been focusing on what bullying is. We used the acronym STOP to help us remember. Several Times On Purpose. We  created anti bullying posters, making sure they had a slogan and that they were bright and colourful to attract our audience. We also wrote important anti-bullying messages on hands to be displayed around the school. Finally, to finish the week, we created comic strips. We created anti-bullying super hero's that saved the day and made sure everyone was a good friend!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Our Secret Forest Blanket

Our Secret Forest Blanket 1

A stranger arrives...

After countless attempts to cure the Princess, a mysterious stranger arrived at the palace claiming that he knew magic and could stop the Princess suffering from the cold. If successful, as a reward, he planned to carry her back to his own land to be his wife. We thought carefully about the Forest Blanket and what this might look and feel like. We created our own class forest blanket and used this to help us write a setting description. 

Picture 1

Story Opening

We have had a great time trying to learn the opening to the Princess' Blankets off by heart! We have come up with actions to help us remember the different parts of the opening and have thought carefully about how we can use our voice to add interest. 

The Princess' Blanket

Still image for this video

The Princess' Blanket Part 2

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The Princess' Blanket Part 3

Still image for this video

The Princess' Blanket Part 4

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Outdoor Learning 

After reading our story opening, we went outside to create some pieces of art using the great outdoors! We were inspired by the huge, roaring fires in the palace and used leaves to create our own fire! The leaves are such vibrant colours this time of the year! Our pictures look fantastic! 


For our Wow, we spent the whole day having fun exploring storytelling in different ways. We looked at different versions of the story of The Three Little Pigs and then worked in groups to act the story out. We looked at the story Eric and investigated how pictures can add more information to a story and finally we looked at how music can affect our mood and make us think about different things. We created some artwork to show how the music made us feel. We are really looking forward to this enquiry.

The Three Litte Pigs Freezeframes

Term 1

Enquiry: Why should we protect the Amazon Rainforest?

Our first enquiry this term will provide us with plenty of opportunities to refine our skills as geographers and scientists. We will develop our map-reading skills, research life in the Amazon Rainforest, investigate the rainforest as a vital natural resource and consider the human impact on this diverse, yet vulnerable, environment. Our challenge will be to create a campaign video persuading the public to protect the Amazon Rainforest.

Term 1 Reflections

'My favourite bit was when we got to write to persuade people to save the Amazon!'-Becks.

‘Last term, I learn so much about the Amazon and it helped me learn that people shouldn’t cut down trees!’- Mason.

‘I really enjoyed learning about what marriage is and why people get married in church. Making our own churches was great!’- Lily.

‘My favourite part was going to the zoo because I got to see animals that I’ve never seen before!’- Abi.

‘I loved researching all about jaguars because I really enjoy learning new facts!’- Seb.


Futuristic Places of Worship

To complete our RE unit this term, we were set the challenge to design and make a futuristic place of worship. We made sure that all of our places of worship had the basic key features of a church but the rest was left to us! We made a huge variety of places of worship and these ranged from floating churches to rocket powered churches!

What is a place of worship?

We had a fantastic trip to St Stephen's Church where we were greeted by Peter and Sandy. They told us lots of interesting facts about the church and spent time telling us how marriage in a church is conducted and why it is so special. We got some time to explore the different parts of the church. We enjoyed finding out about the font, which is where babies are christened and standing by the lectern ready to read a story from the Bible.

Digital Photography

Our class have been experimenting with different effects you can achieve when taking photos digitally. During our trip to St Stephen’s church, we took photos of the key features of a church and edited these photos using different filters. We were amazed at the impact that some of the filters had on our photos!

Using Filters

Using Filters 1
Using Filters 2
Using Filters 3
Using Filters 4
Using Filters 5
Using Filters 6
Using Filters 7
Using Filters 8


To complete our enquiry, we recorded our own campaign videos to persuade people to help protect the Amazon Rainforest. We wrote our own scripts and used Green Screens to create our videos. We hope you enjoy watching them and that they persuade you to make even one small for change for the good of this wondrous biome!

Abi, Mikey and Yish

Still image for this video

Lily, Evie and Katy

Still image for this video

Becks, Madi and Rosie

Still image for this video

Arshdeep, Seb and Kial

Still image for this video

Auden, Jayden and Harry

Still image for this video

Daniel, Liam and Harry

Still image for this video

Xian, Callum and Mason

Still image for this video

Olivia, Piper and Callum

Still image for this video

Eden, Paige and Ethan

Still image for this video

Chloe, Mollie and Evie

Still image for this video

Flower Power

In science, we have been researching parts of a flower. We have used diagrams and labels to help us understand and remember the many different parts. We then used this information to explain how plants reproduce. We never knew how important bees are to keep flowers reproducing! 

Picture 1

Our End Write

This term we have been focusing on persuasion to answer the question 'Why should we protect the Amazon Rainforest?' We have produced some fantastic pieces of writing that include the power of three, imperative verbs and even a catchy slogan. Have a read and see if we can persuade you that the Amazon is worth saving!

Why should we protect the Amazon Rainforest?

Why should we protect the Amazon Rainforest?  1
Why should we protect the Amazon Rainforest?  2
Why should we protect the Amazon Rainforest?  3


This week we have been working up a sweat in PE. During our indoor PE session, we focussed on our agility skills, applying what we had learnt to a game of bench ball. In outdoor PE, which was run by Bristol Rugby, we learnt how to work effectively as a team.

Performance Poetry!

Performance poetry has been helping us to understand the different layers in the Amazon Rainforest. We worked with our learning partner and used actions to bring this poem to life! We thought carefully about how we can use our voices as well to really capture our audiences attention.

Performance Poetry

Still image for this video

Have a go!

We have been becoming experts in using green screen! We worked collaboratively to film and perform a script that would persuade our audience to help save the precious jaguars by giving just £3 a month. This has helped us to understand what a successful campaign video should look like. We can't wait to have another go!

Trying out the Green Screen

Trying out the Green Screen  1
Trying out the Green Screen  2
Trying out the Green Screen  3
Trying out the Green Screen  4


We have been busy immersing ourselves in all things Amazon! Fact finding, researching and understanding the importance of this tropical paradise. We read 'The Kapok Tree' which allowed us to further understand how the Amazon helps us today, giving us medicines and food to eat. What would we do without the Amazon?

Picture 1

Food chains

In Science this week, we have been learning about food chains and how devastating it would be if the producer, the Amazon Rainforest, was destroyed.  Here is an example of the food chain we drew and our explanation, answering the question: What would be the effect of the producer disappearing?

Picture 1

Bristol Rugby

5ZB are lucky enough to be involved in outdoor P.E lessons led by Bristol Rugby. We will be building on the skills we learnt with Bristol Rugby last year, taking part in more tricky games and matches against  . Check back to see how our rugby skills progress!

Bristol Rugby Training!


As our Wow, to introduce our enquiry on the Amazon Rainforest, we went on a school trip to Bristol Zoo. While we were there, we took part in a workshop on rainforests. We learnt lots of interesting information about the different layers within a rainforest and the animals that live there. We met some different animals too: a stick insect that camouflages itself as a leaf, a hissing cockroach and a snake. We had great fun and are looking forward to learning a lot more during our enquiry

Imaginative writing!

We visited the school pond today to get ideas for a piece of narrative. We discovered pond skaters and fish and thought these could feature in our writing. We included lots of detail in our writing and enjoyed sharing them in our sharing assembly this afternoon

Using the pond for inspiration!

Collaborative Learning

Year 5 were set an exciting collaborative learning task today that linked with the global goal - Life on Land.

In Nepal, many farmers living on the mountainside grow fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes. To earn a living they need to sell these at the local market. The problem is getting to market involves a long, dangerous walk down the mountainside and over a river, at the end of which the tomatoes may well be squashed.

We worked together to plan and make a creation that could carry the tomatoes across a tricky course! We worked well as a team, shared our ideas and problem solved to create some fantastic containers that managed to solve the problem and carry the tomatoes successfully!

Fun at the allotment!

Wild Week - The Secret Garden

We started off the afternoon by creating faces using small pieces of twigs and leaves. We then went on to create pictures in teams. We picked two colours and two adjectives from an envelope and had to encorporate these colours and textures into our creation! We were really impressed with what we produced and had a great time working in our teams.

Play Pod Fun!

Wild Week- Food Webs

We explored how humans can impact on food webs in an ecosystem. We discovered that although we may only utilise one aspect of a food web, the consequences of our actions were much greater than we first thought and often affected the entire web.

Making Food Webs

Making Food Webs 1
Making Food Webs 2
Making Food Webs 3


To begin this term, 5ZB focused on one of the school values: Perseverance. We considered what it means to persevere and shared examples of times we have had to persevere. We decided that persevering means trying more than once, having self-belief, staying motivated and achieving something. We made some posters to share our top tips for perseverance.