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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.
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We have our own 5CB email! If you wish to contact us, please do so with the secure form below- we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Term 3

Key information:

This term the children will have indoor PE  on a Thursday which will be led by Bristol Rovers- please note this could also be outside and outdoor PE with Bristol Sport on a Tuesday which will be tag rugby.

Who were the Vikings?

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We are very excited to introduce our new book Viking Boy! We will be studying this during term 3 to find out what happens to Gunnar on his quest to seek revenge on his father's brutal murderer. We will find out lots about Viking life on our voyage which sees Gunnar grow from boy to warrior. 

Bon Voyage to the Vikings!

Bon Voyage to the Vikings! 1
We have really enjoyed learning about Vikings this term! Year 5 have had an amazing time learning about Viking life and traditions, as well as really enjoying our book Viking boy. I asked some of our class what they thought of our book and here is what they said!

"I learnt all about the Norns in guided reading, I really liked learning about the book in comprehension"!– Declan

"The book was very good- I would definitely read it again!"- Hollie

"It was really interesting and I always wanted to read more."- Phoebe

"I loved Viking boy!"- Antony

Prove it challenge

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Year 5 make trailers for a film showing what happened in Lindisfarne in 793 AD.

Viking trailer

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Our home made controllers!

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We managed to use our bodies to complete a circuit. Watch out space invaders!!

Year 5 computing- design and make your own controller!

Year 5 have been exploring input devices and using them to play and create online games. At the end of our learning year 5 we're challenged to make their own controller using conductive and insulating materials, while also designing the controller to be fun and easy to use. We loved creating and making our own designs using several stages of evaluation and construction.
Year 5 had fun investigating fractions!

Year 5 writing!

This term year 5 are exploring embedded clauses and using commas. We investigated where different clauses are in sentences by chopping them up and moving them around. 
Year 5 are really enjoying their P.E. this term! We are learning about tag rugby and practising a lot of skills including passing and dodging.

Year 5 Art Day!

Year 5 are enjoying their art day! We are studying collage and how to create beautiful layers and textures using different materials. We have completed our “try it” by creating our own Viking shield collage and now we are busy crafting a sea scape for a longboat silhouette. 

A Viking Funeral for Tyler the Vicious

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At the start of our wow day, year 5 took part in a Viking funeral for 5BC’s very own Tyler!

Term 2

The Princess’ Blankets.


We are very excited to explore our Power of Reading text this term - The Princess’ Blankets.  On our journey we will be exploring how the arts can enhance storytelling.  We will create performances with drama techniques, produce music and get artistic with paint.  Investigating properties of materials will also feature on our journey and we will be testing a range of materials that might help keep the poor princess warm. As well as this, we are hoping to make our own class blanket in time for Christmas! 

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Art day! Try it and use it.

Year 5 are really enjoying the start to the art day! They have investigated texture and shades of colour.

Science learning

Science learning  1
Science learning  2
Science learning  3
Year 5 are investigating how our environment changes over time, and how we measure this. The secret garden was a wintry treasure trove of fallen leaves, worms and sticks! We enjoyed sketching the environment. 

Gudwara video

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A video of the children lining up to look at the Guru Granth Sahib which is the Sikh holy book. We learned it takes between 40 and 70 hours to read the whole thing! It has 1430 pages and includes teachings about equality and charity giving. We learned that Sikhs give 20% of their yearly income to charity.

Year 5 R.E. Where do Sikh's worship?

Year 5 visited the Gudwara today! We learned so much about Sikhism and had a really interesting visit.  During this session we were comparing different places of worship for different faiths. It was really interesting to see the similarities and differences between the Church and the Gudwara. We talked about the holy book, (the Guru Granth  Sahib) saw where it was read and kept, and we even had some drinks and biscuits at the end. We were so grateful to the volunteers that showed us around! 

What is a Christian place of worship?

What is a Christian place of worship?  1
What is a Christian place of worship?  2
What is a Christian place of worship?  3
What is a Christian place of worship?  4
Year 5 visited St Stephens church as part of our R.E. learning. We discussed the actual parts of the church, such as stained glass windows and the altar, as well as asking lots of questions about Christian belief in general. We even rounded off with some singing! We really enjoyed our time at the church. 

Anti-Bullying Week


This week, as a school, we have been focussing on anti-bullying. We have thought about what bullying is, how it makes people feel and how it can be prevented.


We have also had a visit from a touring performance group. We watched a performance all about bullying and its effects entitled- A Bully’s Paradise. We learned lots of information through an interactive show and at the end we were able to determine: what bullying is; the different types of bullying and what to do if we see it happen.

Maths madness!

Year 5 are currently trying to wrap their brains around some very tricky measures work! We are applying our knowledge of grams, kilograms, metres and miles to try and solve a tricky puzzle!

Raising money for children with diabetes!

Raising money for children with diabetes! 1
Raising money for children with diabetes! 2
5CB did not disappoint with their fantastic costumes! 

It weighs how much?

5CB were given some time to explore the world of measures today! The lesson began with an easy task (or so we thought) as we had to estimate the weights of different objects. This turned out to be more difficult than we first realised as we didn't not know what a gram felt like! We measured everything we could lay our hands on, from our lunches, bins, shoes, to our actual hands (although that was unsuccessful) and recorded the different weights. Estimating became easier after we had a better idea of different weights. 



For our WOW day we thought about patterns and explored different ways art can make us feel. We listened to some classical and heavy metal music and drew whatever came into our minds on the page. We then thought about how art can represent feelings and created our own patterns. Finally we weaved our own patterns using a loom board and a range of materials.

Term 1


What is a flower made of?

5CB were very excited to discover the parts of a flower and learn about how they reproduce! We dissected a Lilly and spent some time looking at each part with scientific eyes. 

Life cycle learning

We are excited to move on to our new target in writing this week! We explored the idea of verbs of possibility and investigated how best to put them in our writing! Firstly, we had to decide what the meaning of each word was, and put them on a scale. We thought a human washing line would be best! Finally, we added them to sentences and created our own. 

Possibility adverbs washing line!

We are very lucky to have specialist gymnastic coaches to help us improve our leaps, turns, flips and balance. Watch out Team GB, we will see you in the next Olympics!

In our jigsaw learning this week, 5CB were discussing the importance of rules and responsibilities. To introduce this, the class had a challenge to come up with a game using some basic classroom items, such as a dictionary, or two lolly sticks. I thought I had set the class an impossible challenge but they definitely showed their creative side, producing imaginative and creative games, some even creating special rule books for the task! Well done again 5CB!

LoE: Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?

This Term, we will be exploring the Amazon and asking ourselves: 'Can I help save the Amazon Rainforest?'Through this enquiry, we will explore where the Amazon is situated and understand how the climate differs from here to there. We will discover the wonderful creatures that inhabit it and explore why this incredible biome is under threat.
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This term, we will be reading the story of 'The Great Kapok Tree'. Through this text, we will be finding out why the Amazon is such an important place and discussing what we can to do to persuade people that it is worth saving.


For our WOW day we were lucky enough to have ‘Jungle Jonathan’ come in to school with his collection of exotic rainforest animals. We encountered a tarantula, a scorpion, stick insects, a gecko and even a snake! We learnt about the effects that deforestation is having on these animals' homes. We are looking forward to finding out about what we can do to help prevent this from happening.

Purple Learning!

As a class, we have been reviewing what being a ‘Purple Learner’ is all about this week. Today, we looked at collaborative learning and unpicked what it feels like, what it sounds like and what it looks like working in a group on a collaborative task.

Our mission, for our collaborative task, was to produce a document or presentation on how to survive a night in the Amazon rainforest. We were introduced to the task by reading the first chapter of the text ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell, which creates tension by describing the moments before a plane crashes in the rainforest. We shared lots of ideas, thought about what we would need to survive and by talking together, we worked collaboratively on the task.