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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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We have our own 4CG email! If you with to contact us, please do so with the secure form below- we will be checking it regularly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Term 2

In Term 2, Year 4 are looking at our Global Goal of equality. We will be exploring whether men and woman are equal in society. We shall be looking at equality in the present day in the UK and around the world. We’ll then be going back in time to the Ancient Greeks to research and compare the roles of men and women in Athenian and Spartan society. Our challenge will be to debate the statement ‘Men and women aren’t equal.’ in the style of The House of Commons.

LoE:'Men and women aren't equal' What do you think? Convince me!

Anti-bullying Week!

We joined in with Anti-bullying Week by designing our very own anti-bullying heros and a posters. We used STOP and THINK to help us remember some key information.

Roy Lichtenstein

This term, we were given the artist Roy Lichtenstein to study. We analysed his work and combined it with the knowledge we had about the effect of different brushes to produce self portraits mimicking his style.

The Green Ship

This term, Year 4 will be sailing away with The Green Ship as our Power of Reading text. To immerse ourselves in this wonderful story, we started off the term with our art unit. Our focus was to look at the effect of using different brushes. After trying out the many different brushes, we used what we had learnt to copy the illustration of the green ship, focusing on mimicking the style of Quentin Blake. This was a two step process. First, we selected the right brushes to create the background using a variety of greens that we mixed ourselves using just yellow and blue. Then, once the background had dried, we used fine liners to bring detail to our piece. We were most impressed with how closely they match the the Quentin Blake illustration! 

Term 1


Year 4 are starting the year as scientists! We’ll be looking at the characteristics of solids, liquids and gases before focusing our attention on conducting scientific investigations. We will be setting up simple practical enquiries to look at the melting speed of different solids, and measuring temperature changes over time. We shall then use this data to draw simple conclusions and present our findings. Finally, we will look closely at the water cycle and consider our enquiry question: Why does it now?

LoE:Why does it snow?

60s Day

Today we travelled back in time to the 60s! We learnt a little bit about the different music of the time and designed our own record cover for Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. We then watched a cartoon from the 60s and had a go at some tie-dye using wet wipes and felt tips! Finally, we ended the day watching The Sword in the Stone.

Junk modelling!

After our exciting trip to the Synagogue, we challenged ourselves to recreate it in junk. This helped reinforce the key features of a Synagogue. Can you spot the Ark where the Torah is kept? Can you see the Bimah, the Ner Tamid, the Rabbi's podium and the stained-glass windows? Now we feel happy discussing the similarities and differences that we spotted between the Synagogue and St Stephen's Church. 

Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue 

Wow! What a great trip we had today to the Bristol and West Progressive Synagogue. We learnt lots about the Jewish faith and it was great to see the key features of a Synagogue. We're looking forward to junk modelling the Synagogue tomorrow and having further discussions about any similarities and differences we've spotted between the Synagogue and St Stephen's Church.

Junk modelling St Stephen's Church!

After our trip to the church, we worked collaboratively to recreate St Stephen's church using junk! We were so proud of how we worked as a team to make the structure and the key features of a church that we have been learning about. Can you spot them?

St Stephen's church visit

This week, we started a brand new enquiry: "All places of worship are the same." What do you think? Convince me! We kick started the enquiry by thinking about what we thought was inside a church and why these objects were important. We then had the opportunity to visit St Stephen's church to find out the importance of these objects, what they were used for and what they symbolise. We began to look at the shape of churches and sketched our very own floor plan in preparation for our junk model church!


As a part of our enquiry 'Why does it snow?', we were placed into groups and were given the task of creating a presentation to show to the rest of the class. The presentation would test our knowledge on what we have learnt so far. Working collaboratively, we produced very interesting and detailed presentations. Have a look at the results:

Why does it snow?

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Zumba taster!

This afternoon, Year 4 were treated to a Zumba taster session. Led by Fay, we were all put through our paces. There will be a Zumba club starting next term on a Thursday.....we have lots of budding candidates!


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Take your partners.....

Today, we continued to read more of our Power of Reading text- Ice Palace. The main character, Ivan, continued his quest to find his brother who had been taken by Starjik. It wasn't long before Ivan came upon a group of villagers who were dancing a jig and having fun. To help us immerse ourselves further in the text, we too got up, cleared the classroom floor and did a bit of line dancing. Not quite a jig but fun all the same!

Strictly 4CG

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Which will melt the quickest: Butter, chocolate or an Ice cube...

95% of the class were certain that the ice cube would melt the quickest and the chocolate would melt the 95% of the class were shocked to see that it was actually the other way around! Here are photos of us conducting our experiment. 

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Ivan's land

We found out early on in our Power of Reading text, Ice Palace, that summer is a happy time for the residents of Ivan's small village. However, winter brings Starjik, the child-taker. The book follows the journey of Ivan through a wintery pine-wood forest as he desperately tries to find his brother who has been taken by Starjik.  Using pastels and cotton wool, we used this contrast in mood and the seasons to show Ivan's land during both the happier summer months and the dark wintery months.

What do you think Ivan should do?

In order to deepen our understanding about our Power of Reading Text Ice Palace, we put ourselves in the position of Ivan the main character. His dilemma was should he go and rescue his brother form Stajik or stay at home with his parents? 


Suggestions to go were-

'Everyone will think you're a hero if you rescue your brother.'

'He's part of your family, you must rescue him!'

 Suggestions to stay were:

'The wolves might eat you or you could get hurt. You're too young to go out on your own!'

'You might get captured by Starjik too if you go!'


After we had come up with many reason, we conducted a decision alley. Having heard all of the for and against arguments, Ivan decided he should go!

What should Ivan do?

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Particle performances

We created some mini movies to reinforce what we had learnt about the particles of a solid, liquid and gas. Here are two movies for you to enjoy!

Group 1

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Group 2

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Fire building

We're starting the year by recapping how to write instructions in writing. We're going to be writing instructions on how to build a fire so today we went out and Mr Walters showed us how to safely build one. We then prepared our own mini fires using tinder and kindling (not forgetting to create a safe area first). After, we had some marshmallows around the fire and listened to the first part of our new Power of Reading text Ice Palace.

States of matter

We learnt about what matter is today and the three states of matter: Solids, liquids and gases.  After learning about their properties, we went outside and pretended to be particles in each one.

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Solids, liquids and gases!

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We made fake snow in class today to kick start our new enquiry: Why does it snow? Then, we had a go at making paper snowflakes!