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Welcome to 3RJ's class webpage! Here you can keep up to date with our learning journey and find out what we have been doing and what we will be doing in the future. Please keep checking to see what amazing work we have been doing! 

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Term 2 

LoE: What is the place in between?
This term, we shall be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We shall be following the magical journey of Leon and writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scences from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases, commas in a list and inverted commas - that's the fancy word for speech marks! 

Science week

This week we have been looking at light and shadows. As a warm-up task, we went into the hall. We shut the curtains, turned off the lights and Miss CJ gave us blindfolds. We didn't know what was going on, only that it was very dark! We then did a mini obstacle course with our learning partner with our blindfolds on! This was super tricky and we felt a little nervous, luckily our learning partners were there to make sure we stayed safe. We had to walk along a bench and also pick a hoop up and put it over our heads. It was so difficult to do when we couldn't see anything. Miss CJ kept reminding us to see how this task had a connection to light and what we think it could be.  


We then came back to class and spoke about what relevance this task had to do with light. We all put our thoughts and ideas together and realised without light we cannot see anything! This was such a shock to us as we hadn't ever thought about this before!

Term 2 Value

This terms value is friendship. In 3RJ we created our own guide on how to be a good friend. We thought about what a good friend is, why we need friends, when do we need our friend the most and what we look for in a friend.


Take a look at 3RJ's friendship manual:



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Anti bullying week

Thus week was national Anti-Bullying Week! We looked at what bullying is and learnt a great acronym to remember: STOP - Several Times On Purpose! And THINK: is it True? Is it Helpful? is it Inspiring is it Necessary? Is it Kind? We learnt that in order for it to be bullying the mean comments and actions would be all the time, every day and targeted at one person. We also learnt strategies that we could use if we thought we were being bullied. A really one was that we must tell an adult in school first or as as soon as possible so it can be dealt with. Once we had learnt why bullying was an how to deal with it we created helpful posters and inspiring anti bullying messages.

Computing and E-Safety: Book Creator and Online Community 

Wow! What a fun day we had! We began the day learning about what the internet is and we were shocked to find out that the internet is not the page we see on our screen but lots and lots of wires that make the webpage work. We thought about the people who were the closest to us, like our mums, dads, grandparents etc and then we thought about the people who weren't as close to us and maybe we only spoke to through the phone, Skype or online. After this, we began to create our very own e-book. We read the rest of Leon and the Place Between, which we love, and began to story map it into 8 sections. Using our maps, we retold the story using Book Creator. We used different fonts, colours, pictures and sounds to create our own books! 

Descriptive Poems

As part of our enquiry, we wrote descriptive poems based on a picture from "Leon and the Place Between". We worked with our learning partners and came up with what the characters might see inside the circus tent, what the could smell and how they were feeling. We were then really brave and stood up in front of the whole class and read our poems out loud. We really enjoyed listening to our classmates poems. 

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Chelsea's Descriptive Poem

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Isla's Descriptive Poem

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Tye and Amelie's Descriptive Poem

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Art Day - Painting

We had such a fantastic day learning about how to paint. We were given 3 colours: red, blue and yellow and we had to make lots of different colours! These colours are called primary colours . Then we looked at black and white, did you know black and white are not colours - they are shades! Once we had the skills, we then used this in our own piece of artwork. Our focus was on Wassily Kandinsky. Take a look at some of our drawings.

WOW Day: Magic Mike

Wow! What a magical day. A magician came into our school and he taught us how to be as magical as him. It was so amazing. We started the day by watching a magic show, then we created our very own circus posters and then in our classes we got to learn how to do the magic tricks to show our friends and families. It was so exciting. In the afternoon, we made balloon hats- this was the best bit. We haven't seen so many balloons before!


Term 1 

Term 2

LoE: What is the place in between?
This term, we shall be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We shall be following the magical journey of Leon and writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases, commas in a list and inverted commas - that's the fancy word for speech marks! 

Writing our own descriptive poem

As part of our enquiry we wrote some descriptive poems which included noun-phrases. We had a picture of a circus from "Leon and the Place Between" and we had to write about what the characters could see and how they might feel. We were really brave and stood up in front of the whole class and read our poems out. Have a look at our videos!

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Art Day- Painting

We had such a great day learning about how to paint creating a range of colours from the primary colours: red, blue and yellow. We had to make as many different colours as we could, only using those three colours!! We looked at black and white as well, did you know black and white are not colours? They make the colour darker or lighter! They are called shades. After a few practises, we used this skill to create our own piece of art work based on a famous artist called Wassily Kandinsky.



WOW Day: Magic Mike

Wow! What a magical day we had! A magician came into school and taught us how to be as magical as him. It was so amazing. We started the day by watching and taking part in a magic show. Then we were really lucky and we were taught how to do the magic tricks so we could perform them to our friends and families. We also made our own circus posters. Later on, we made crazy balloon hats - this was so fun, even though some of the kept popping!

Term 1 Newsletter
LoE: What are mummies and how are they made?
Hello and welcome to the juniors! This term, Year 3 will be learning about the Mighty Egyptians! During this enquiry, we shall be looking at where Egypt is in the world, how to read an atlas and plot on cities, creating Egyptian art and learning about the mummification process and even having a go at our own mummifying! We shall be incorporating this topic into our writing by creating our own instructions for mummifying people. 

60's Day: The school's 50th birthday! 

What an awesome day we had! We came in with some amazing costumes and designed some of our own Pop Art pictures! The 60's was full of bright colours! We got to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, then we watched Neil Armstrong land on the moon and sang 'One Small Step for Man' and in the afternoon we played 60's playground games and we played Twister! 

Challenge: To write a set of instructions on how to mummify 

We have loved learning about mummifying so much! We put all of our enquiry learning and our writing learning of adverbs and compound sentences together to write super instructions to help you mummify your Pharaoh! The Egyptians had strong beliefs about the Afterlife. Did you know their heart was weighed against a feather? If the heart was heavier than the feather they were sent to the Underworld! 


"I really enjoyed learning about mummifying pharaohs" - Isabelle 

"The Egyptians were quite gruesome people" - Harrison



In PE we were very lucky as we got to do Zumba. A lady who teaches Zumba came in and showed us lots of different moves, it was so fun! We played a pirate game and had to do pirate movements depending on what the lady shouted out, such as walk the plank and captain's coming! We then did a dinosaur dance and had to dance in the movement of a dinosaur. It was so funny and we didn't stop smiling. We did a cool down dance to stretch our muscles and listened to calming music whilst doing this. We were so worn out afterwards, it was a good job it was at the end of the day!




Zumba warm-up

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Zumba cool down

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 In the past few lessons, we have been looking at the mummification process. It is so interesting and found out that the Egyptians pulled the brain out with a hook through the nose, yuck! The god of death, Anubis, had forgotten how to mummify so we had to rewrite the instructions to remind him. 





Gods and goddesses 


The Ancient Egyptians has gods for everything, from danger to chores and each had different responsibilities and needed to be worshipped so that life could be kept in balance. They believed in over 2000 gods and goddesses!! In one of our enquiry lessons we researched some of the most important gods and goddesses.  We had 6 different gods and goddesses and their responsibilities. Unfortunately,  they had been mixed up so we had to match the right gods and goddesses with their duties. 

Online Safety: Powerful Passwords

We have been learning about how to keep safe online and, in particular, how to create super strong and safe passwords. We learnt how important they are to keep them safe and a secret and how we should make them as difficult as possible to guess. We had a go at practicing creating a really strong password using different characters, numbers and capital letters. Take a look below, but don't panic, these aren't our real passwords! 

Where in the world? 


We have been learning all about what an atlas is and how it can help us if we wanted to find something or if we were lost. We applied these new skills into our own enquiry and began plotting key places onto our own map of Egypt. Can you believe Egypt is almost 2450 miles away from the UK?! We also found that the River Nile is the longest river in the world! 

WOW Day: Ancient Egypt


Wow, what a day we have had immersing ourselves into the era of Ancient Egypt. We came into school dressed up as pharaohs, mummies and queens and we looked FABULOUS. To begin with, all of Year 3 went into the hall to take part in a inter-house competition. We had to listen to statements and decided if they were true or false. The winning house was Cossham who won 5 house points each! Did you know that the Egyptians invented toothpaste?! We couldn't believe it either! After this, we watched Disney's 'The Prince of Egypt' and finally we practiced our sketching skills ready for our artwork later in the week. We learnt how we can sketch in three different ways: hatching, cross-hatching and stippling and we learnt how we  can have different shades and tones by holding and pressing down differently with our pencil. 



Wonderful Writers: 'The Day the Crayons Quit' 


Once again, Miss CJ was incredibly proud of us all. This week, we have been reading 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and we think it is a brilliant book - you must read it! Using this book, we have been showing off our skills in using capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. To prove that we are writing whizzes, we made up our own letter to Duncan (the character in the book) from Peach Crayon. 



Mighty Mathematicians: Bar Model


Wow! What an amazing start to the year! This week we have been revising our number bonds knowledge of 10, 20, 50 and 100 and Miss CJ was so impressed at what geniuses we are! We began looking at the number bonds but with a different strategy to help us: the bar model. To prove our understanding of it, we wrote our very own 'Steps to Success' on how to work out calculations using the bar model.  

Purple Learning and Values


This week, we have been learning about what purple learning is and how we can become super purple learners! We learnt how some things can help our learning and how others can stop our learning; we call these movers and blockers. We also watched a really funny song, sang by the Muppets, about how we can keep pushing ourselves and not be afraid to make mistakes. As well as these, we learnt about the values: Trust, Friendship, Perseverance, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. We took part in lots of different activities such as: making motivational posters, writing about out best friends and creating a poem and prayer. 

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