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Welcome to our class web page where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

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Term 1

Key information:

3RJ will have outdoor PE on a Tuesday and indoor PE on a Thursday.

Term 1 Newsletter

Enquiry Overview: What is the place between?

Leon and the Place Between
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This term, we will be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We will be following the magical journey of Leon, writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scenes from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases and commas in a list and inverted commas!

House Quiz 2018!

Today we participated in the annual House Quiz. It was very exciting and very close but as always we worked hard in our teams and tried our hardest! 


We are so lucky! We got to go on the Chrome Books this week and we learned so many new things. First, we spoke about the importance of keeping our passwords safe, making sure they are not easy for people to find out and how we must tell our parents or guardians if anything upsets us online. We learned that our passwords must be more than 8 characters long and include numbers and symbols. Passwords are important because they keep our things safe like accounts we may have. We then logged in on the Chrome Books, changed our passwords and learned about using Google Drive as a class.


In the afternoon, we used Popplet to create our own times table charts and partitioning charts. It really helped with our math's learning and we had so much fun. We really enjoyed using the Chrome Books and iPads and cannot wait until our next computing day!



Voting day

On Thursday, we voted for our new Pupil Voice representatives. We had to pick one boy and one girl. If we wanted to be a part of Pupil Voice we had to write a speech about why we would be a great representative for Pupil Voice and hope that our peers would vote for us. As Pupil Voice representatives we have to make sure we are fair and we listen. Each of us picked the boy and girl candidate who we thought would fit this role the best. We voted just like adults would for government parties and put our voting slips into a ballot box. It was really exciting! 


This term we have been focusing on sketching in art. We started by practising different sketching techniques such as stippling, which is lots of dots, hatching, which is horizontal lines and cross-hatching, which is horizontal and vertical lines. We practised the three different sketch types on magician hats and then picked our favourite one. We then used our favourite sketch type to create our own sketch of something from a magic show. Miss CJ was mega impressed with what we did!


This week in maths we started a new topic on place value. To help us really understand place value we started by using diennes to help us make a number. We did this on our tables with our learning partners, it was so clear for us to see our place value headings of hundreds, tens and ones. 



This week, we can carried out a science experiment to test which materials were magnetic and which were not. We found out that not all metals are magnetic! We tested aluminium and it repelled the magnet with quite force. 

Place Value

This week we started our new math's learning - place value. Place value means looking at the value each digit represents. We are looking at 3 digit numbers and recognising the hundreds, tens and ones. We started by using the diennes which really helped our learning. 

WOW Day!

We have been so lucky! A magician came into school today. He was so funny and fantastic at magic. We really enjoyed watching his show and didn't stop laughing - our tummies are hurting from laughing so much! After this, we looked at optical illusions and flip books. The optical illusions tricked some of us and it took us a while to work it out! Next we got to make our own versions. Miss CJ was super impressed with our flip books and optical illusions. 

Millie created her very own optical illusion. How impressive!

Millie created her very own optical illusion. How impressive! 1

Science - Magic Magnets!

WOW! What a fantastic start to our science topic. We are looking at forces and magnets and to immerse ourselves we created our very own magic trick using magnets. We were amazed at how the paper clip moved without even touching it! We cannot wait to learn more about forces and magnets this week!

Sadie's Magic Magnet trick!

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Junk Modelling 

This afternoon we got creative and designed our own crayon using junk equipment. We used our book, 'The crayons that quit', as a stimulus for our fantastic ideas. We had so much fun and really used our imaginations. Thankfully Aston brought in about 50 toilet rolls so our crayons all had bodies!!

Numicon Numbers!

This week we have been focusing on our numbers bonds to 10, 20 and even 50! Using numicon to help us figure out all of their numbers bonds quickly and efficiently! Miss CJ has been super impressed with our knowledge. We have really shown off our fantastic understanding of number bonds!

Becoming Purple Learners

This week we have been learning about how to be a Purple Learner. We have set up our classroom display so that we can remember how to move our learning on, how to stop ourselves and other's behaviour from blocking our learning and the different zones of challenge we can be in. We are all so excited to show off our purple learning skills and be the best purple learner we can! 

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