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Welcome to 3NL's class webpage! Here you can keep up to date with our learning journey and find out what we have been doing and what we will be doing in the future. Please keep checking to see what amazing work we have been doing! 
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Term 5

Key Information for Term 5

3NL will have outdoor PE on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday. This term, indoor PE will be ran by Bristol Rugby who will be teaching the children gymnastics. Homework (including reads) will be checked on a Wednesday - this is a set of maths questions. Children must read at least 3 times a week and this is to written in their reading records. Reading records should be in school every day. 

LoE: What makes a hero?
This term, 3NL will be immersing themselves in the world of heroes and the Power of Reading text 'Krindlekrax.' We shall be learning all about a young boy called Ruskin and how he became the hero of Lizard Street. We will take part in drama activities including freeze-frames, hot-seating and role play and we shall also be retelling parts of the story orally and using story telling actions. Throughout this we will be thinking about the question "what makes a hero?" We will look at whether a hero needs to be strong, tough or need superpowers. Finally, we shall be thinking about who is a hero in our own lives and write a kenning poem to showcase this. Alongside this enquiry, we will be looking at a Global Goal: Life on Land. We shall be looking at how actions of people, cutting down trees and littering is affecting our planet and what we can do to slow the process down. 
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WOW: Krindlekrax 

What an exciting first day back to school we had! We began with looking at the front cover of the book and deciding what we thought might happen, what it might be about and what type of story it would be. As we could see, there was a crocodile on the front page so we had a go at making our own 3D paper crocodiles - you must agree they look pretty cool! Then we read the first chapter of the book, met the main character Ruskin and created a small character description to describe him. 

Term 4

Key Information for Term 4

3NL will have outdoor PE on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday.

Homework (including reads) will be checked on a Wednesday - this is a set of maths questions and reading comprehension. Children must read at least 3 times a week and this is to written in their reading records. Reading records should be in school every day. 

LoE: Are all rocks the same?
This term, we will be travelling back million years ago to the Stone Age! We will be learning about how people of the stone age lived, how they kept themselves alive, how they lived and how they told stories to each other. We will also be learning about rocks and soils. We will be finding out about the different types of rocks there and what makes them different, how soil is created and why it is important and what fossils are, how they are formed and why they are important. Our challenge this term will be to create our own igneous rock that we can eat! As well as this, we will be learning about fractions and using a picture book "The Stone Age Boy" to inspire our writing. 

RE: What celebrations do religious people have and why are they important?

This term, 3NL are learning about religious celebrations in Christianity and Hinduism. We began with looking at Christianity and with the upcoming events we focused on Easter. We learnt why Easter is important to Christians, how people celebrate this special time and why people think it is important to remember it. We had a go at reenacting the part where Pilate decides to have Jesus killed. We freeze-framed this scene and then we thought about how the different people in the story would be feeling and what would be going through their minds. 

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Challenge: To make sweet rock

WOW! This was so much fun! 3NL hosted their own cooking show by creating their own rock and explaining how to do it! Can you believe we made rock that you can eat!? We followed a recipe really carefully and made sure we listened to the instructions. We needed to make sure that we had enough time for the mixture to cool down so we could break it into pieces. The pieces might look really small but it was so sweet! Miss Livermore said it was full of sugar. 

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Online Safety: Showing Respect Online 

The term our online safety topic tied in with our school value - respect! We learnt how we needed to be mindful of the things we post and say online as these can leave a digital footprint. We reminded ourselves of how we try to be polite and kind in school and to people in real life and how we should show the same level of respect to people we might talk to online. We practiced this by writing kind messages to people we know or in our class. 

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Computing: Creating a timeline

This term, we have been learning about the Stone Age, when it began, what happened and how it ended. To tie this in with our computing, we looked at what timeline is, what they show and why they are important. As a class we came up with eight important events that happened in the Stone Age period and mapped them on our wall. We then used this information to create timelines on the Google Chromebooks! 

Art: Photography 

This term, our art skill was: "How to show movement through photography." We began looking at what devices we could use to take photos and how we thought we could show movement throw photos. We Camembert up with the idea of making a flip book using iMovie. We went outside and used the burst button to take photos of move,net. For example, star jumps, dancing, running or making silly face. We then used this photos to create a flip book style video using iMovie. It wasn't easy but have a look at what we created - we are super pleased! 

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World Book Day

Wow, what a fun morning we had! To begin with, we came dressed up in our favourite characters from a book. We had many different characters such Dennis the Menace, Wally Wando, Mad Hatter, Little Red Riding Hood and Willy Wonka. Once we had shared our costumes, we read our Power of Reading book 'The Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura and we learnt and used story telling actions to retell the beginning of the story. We learnt about how, people of the Stone Age, were the first to discover fire and we wrote our own set of instructions for this.  Finally, we had listened to Miss Livermore read 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl and she even had a puppet!  

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Science: How 'strong' are rocks? 

Being the super scientists that we are, we created an experiment to test the 'strength' of different rocks. First, we came up with different ways we thought we could carry this out: throwing the rock, dropping the rock, standing on it etc but we settled on scratching the rock with 3 different objects: finger nail. paperclip and a coin. We had 5 different rocks: garnet-gneiss, marble, chalk, porphyry and granite. We scratched each rock with the different objects to see what happened - would it make a mark? Would it break? We finally found that chalk was the weakest out of the lot because it was the one that crumbled. 

Wow Day - Stone Age, rocks and fractions! 

WOW - what a day we had! We started the morning investigating what a fraction is and how they are created. We used water, cups, objects and foam pieces to create and find many different fractions. After this, we moved onto science and began learning about rocks - we wandered the school grounds look for as many different rocks we could find in and out of the school and what they are used for. Can you believe that chalk is a rock!? We were so shocked! Later on, we traveled back in time to the Stone Age era, we learnt that they told stories through cave paintings, where they would use berries and animal blood for the paint, we learnt that they created their own tools from wood and stones, most importantly, the flint axe and we also found out that they were the inventors of the wheel! Once we had learnt a little more about the era, we took part in three different art and D&T activities: chalk cave drawings, creating paper flint axes and creating a Skara Brae picture. 

Term 3 

LoE: Are Magnets Magic?

Key Information for Term 3

3NL will have indoor PE on a Monday and outdoor PE on a Thursday.

Homework (including reads) will be checked on a Wednesday. Children must read at least 3 times a week and this is to written in their reading records.

LoE: Are magnets magic? 

This term, we shall be immersing ourselves into two enquiries! The first enquiry will require us to be scientists and answer the question "are magnets magic?" In order to do this, we shall be learning about different magnets, how they work and planning and carrying our various experiments and investigations to solve the magnet mystery. Alongside this, to help us with out writing, we shall be reading 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'. We will be using this book to help us with using complex sentences, apostrophes and tenses. As well as this, we shall be writing our own instructions on how to trap a boggart, writing diary entries from different points of view and also creating our very own field book of mythical creatures. 


To end our well-being week we were lucky enough to have a yoga lesson with Miss Perrett. She taught us how to connect with our bodies. We learned how to control our breathing and she even taught us some special yoga moves. We had great fun! Thank you Miss Perrett. 

Safety Internet Day

Wow what a day we have had! Today we have been learning how to keep safe online and how to be a good person online. We took part in May different activities on how to be a good person online, to show respect and leave a good carbon footprint. We created a reader's theatre of how to be respectful, created a good deed bracelet, solved a problem scenario and create an online friendship thermometer. 

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Being a Purple Learner 

We have been reminded ourselves of what purple learning is and what it looks like. We out this into prescribe in our writing lesson and Miss livermore was incredibly impressed! Have a look at us helping each other edit our work! 

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Spiderwick Sketching 

We have been putting our sketching skills, that we learned in Term 1, into practise this week! Through our Power of Reading text: Spiderwick Chronicles, we have met a strange, little creature called Thimbletack. He is a brownie who lives in peoples' houses and helps them with their cleaning and finding of things. He creates his clothes through odd bits that he finds lying around the house - hence the cork on the top of his head! We had a go at recreating Thimbletack using our newfound skills. 

Perfect Purple Learners 

3NL have been reminding ourselves of what a perfect purp;le learner looks like and what skills and attributes they would have and show. We discussed the importance of being a purple learner and how we could make ourselves even more fantastic! We then drew what we though a purple learner would look like and what values and qualities they would show. 

Incredible Inverted Commas!

We have been learning all about inverted commas, where to use them  and how to show them in our writing - we even learnt some punctuation Kung-Fu to help us remember! Have a look at us practicing our inverted commas!

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Challenge: To create a 'magic trick' using magnets. 

We had so much fun coming up with our very own magic tricks using magnets and paper clips. Take a look at them below - can you work out how the paperclip moves on its own!? 

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Mysterious magnets! 

What a fun week 3NL have had this week! We have been learning all about magnets and how they worked. We went on a magnetic hunt to see which everyday materials  were magnetic and which ones weren't. Isabelle said "I know that I need to find all the things that are metal!" However, she was really shocked to find that some metal objects are not magnetic - like money! Once we had found these items, we learnt more about magnets, how they have 2 poles and how they work. Did you know that magnets repel each other when the same poles are facing each other? It gives such a weird feeling! 

WOW: Are Magnets magic?

What a start to our science enquiry: "Are magnets magic?" To begin to understand how magnets, we recapped our knowledge of forces being either or push or pull. We reminded ourselves of the different forces we see everyday and what things affects them. We created an experiment that tested friction from different surfaces and how this affected the distance the toy car will travel. We were so shocked to find out the table had the least friction; we were convinced it was going to be the hall floor! 

Art Day: Collage

This term, we have been learning how to collage, finding out different ways and mediums we could use to create art pieces. We started by taking inspiration from Matisse and his famous art piece "Snail". It took us a while to work out what the animal was but once we knew we began looking at how he might of created it and how he used different sized shapes of tissue paper to create the animal. Once we worked out what collage was, we used Matisse's Snail to create our animals testing out different materials and working out which ones we prefer to collage with. We tried paper, card and tissue paper. Tissue paper was our favourite because it was the easiest to cut and shape. Once we had learnt the skill we started to prove it! We read a poem about London and use our new skill to represent the poem though collage. 

Term 2

LoE: What is the place in between?
This term, we shall be immersing ourselves into a Power of Reading text called "Leon and the Place in Between." We shall be following the magical journey of Leon and writing and creating our very own place in between. As well as this we will be role playing, hot seating and freeze framing many characters and scences from the book. We will be learning how to use noun phrases, commas in a list and inverted commas - that's the fancy word for speech marks! 

Science week! 

Wow, what a week we have had! We learnt so many different things about light and reflection - can you believe that in order to see anything light has to be able to reflect!? We took part in many different activities and investigations to find out various things such as: how do shadows get bigger and smaller? How do mirrors work and finally what is the difference between a shadow and a reflection? We loved taking in part in many different investigations and being able to find out things for ourselves! 

Incredible Light and Super Shadows - WOW day! 

We have been learning all about light and shadows. We began our enquiry with an obstacle course but not just any obstacle course, we had to do it blindfolded and in the dark! We found it incredibly difficult but, thankfully, we had some really helpful partners who guided us through. We realised without any light we cannot see and its not our eyes that make us see, it is the light. What we were most shocked about was that our eyes see things upside down and it is our brain that flips it around the correct way! As well as this, we looked a mirrors and how reflections work and we took part in four mini investigations to see how they can change. Did you know that light travels in straight lines and cannot bend? But, because we are really clever, we found away of making it turn a corner - using mirrors! 

Anti bullying week

Thus week was national Anti-Bullying Week! We looked at what bullying is and learnt a great acronym to remember: STOP - Several Times On Purpose! And THINK: is it True? Is it Helpful? is it Inspiring is it Necessary? Is it Kind? We learnt that in order for it to be bullying the mean comments and actions would be all the time, every day and targeted at one person. We also learnt strategies that we could use if we thought we were being bullied. A really one was that we must tell an adult in school first or as as soon as possible so it can be dealt with. Once we had learnt why bullying was an how to deal with it we created helpful posters and inspiring anti bullying messages. 

Computing and E-Safety: Book Creator and Online Community 

Wow! What a fun day we had! We began the day learning about what the internet is and we were shocked to find out that the internet is not the page we see on our screen but lots and lots of wires that make the webpage work. We thought about the people who were the closest to us, like our mums, dads, grandparents etc and then we thought about the people who weren't as close to us and maybe we only spoke to through the phone, Skype or online. After this, we began to create our very own e-book. We read the rest of Leon and the Place Between, which we love, and began to story map it into 8 sections. Using our maps, we retold the story using Book Creator. We used different fonts, colours, pictures and sounds to create our own books! 

Alex and Harry's E-Book

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Kai's and Alisha's book

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Leon and the Place Between: List poems 

We have been immersing ourselves in the world of Leon from our Power of Reading text 'Leon and the Place Between.' We looked at the pictures of the magical tent and read the first 3 pages of the book - it was so exciting! Using our new writing skill of noun phrases, we wrote list poems to describe what we thought the magical tent and show would be like. 

Art Day - Painting 

We had such an amazing day learning all about how to paint and making a range of colours when we were only given three! We started with the primary colours: red, yellow and blue and tried to make as many different colours as we could using them. Then we learnt how to make colours darker and lighter by using black and white; we could not believe that black and white are not colours but are shades! Once we had the knowledge, we applied this into our own art piece that was inspired by a man named Wassily Kadinsky. 

WOW Day: Magic Mike 

What a magical day we had! We were incredibly lucky to have a magician come into school and teach us how to be just as magical as him!  We started th day by watching and taking part in a magic show and then we got to learn how to the trick were performed and have a go ourselves! Later on, we learnt how to make crazy balloon hats - this was the part we love the most! 


Colby:  "But how does he do it!? Wait, I can - I'm magic too!" 

Reece: "I love this day!!" 

Colby and Ashton the Magnificent Magicians!

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Term 1 


Term 1 Newsletter
LoE: What are mummies and how are they made?

Hello and welcome to the juniors! This term, Year 3 will be learning about the Mighty Egyptians! During this enquiry, we shall be looking at where Egypt is in the world, how to read an atlas and plot on cities, creating Egyptian art and learning about the mummification process and even having a go at our own mummifying! We shall be incorporating this topic into our writing by creating our own instructions for mummifying people. 

60's Day: The school's 50th birthday! 

What a fantastic day we had! We came in with some amazing costumes and created a beautiful Pop Art piece of work! We got to watch Disney's The Jungle Book and in the afternoon we pleased 60's playground games and we played Twister! 

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Challenge: To write a set of instructions on how to mummify 

We have loved learning about mummifying so much that we were so excited about telling other people! We put all of our enquiry learning and our writing learning of adverbs and compound sentences together to write super instructions to help you mummify your Pharaoh! Although, beware, they are not very nice and we were disgusted! 


"Urgh!! The Egyptians are disgusting!" Ashton 
"I cannot believe they used their hands!" Ayva 


Some of our work and instructions were put on display outside our classrooms. Unfortunately, we had so much great work and not enough space! 

Computing: Google Classroom

We became a google classroom and put our safe password knowledge to the test! We created new passwords for our Google accounts and even learned how to a capital letter on the keyboard! Once we were logged in and ready to go, we found our classroom and began completing tasks that has been left for us. We used the Internet to research the steps on how to mummify a body and boxed them up - it was fun! 

Super Zumba! 

3NL were so lucky to have a lady come in and teach us a Zumba dance - we even got to dance to the Ice Age dinosaur song! Have a look at our amazing dancing!

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Map skills: Where in the world is Egypt? 

We have been learning all about what an atlas is and how it can help us if we wanted to find something or if we were lost. We applied these new skills into our own enquiry and began plotting key places onto our own map of Egyot. Can you believe it would take us 5 hours on an aeroplane to get there!? We also found out that it is on the continent of Africa. 

Sketching: Egyptian Art

This week, we have been putting our sketching techniques to practise! We looked at different landscapes of Egypt and used these as inspiration. We sketched our own version of these and used the 3 techniques to colour them in. 

WOW Day: Ancient Egypt

Wow, what a day we have had immersing ourselves into the era of Ancient Egypt. We came into school dressed up as pharaohs, mummies and queens and we looked FABULOUS. To begin with, all of Year 3 went into the hall to take part in a inter-house competition. We had to listen to statements and decided if they were true or false. The winning house was Cossham who won 5 house points each! Did you know that the Egyptians invented toothpaste?! We couldn't believe it either! After this, we watched Disney's 'The Prince of Egypt' and finally we practiced our sketching skills ready for our artwork later in the week. We learnt how we can sketch in three different ways: hatching, cross-hatching and stippling and we learnt how we  can have different shades and tones by holding and pressing down differently with our pencil. 

Online Safety: Powerful Passwords

We have been learning about how to keep safe online and, in particular, how to create super strong and safe passwords. We learnt how important they are to keep them safe and a secret and how we should make them as difficult as possible to guess. We had a go at practicing creating a really strong password using different characters, numbers and capital letters. Take a look below, but don't panic, these aren't our real passwords! 

Wonderful Writers: 'The Day the Crayons Quit' 

Once again, Miss Livermore was incredibly proud of us all. This week, we have been reading 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and we think it is a brilliant book - you must read it! Using this book, we have been showing off our skills in using capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks. To prove that we are writing whizzes, we made up our own letter to Duncan (the character in the book) from Peach Crayon. 

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Mighty Mathematicians: Bar Model

Wow! What an amazing start to the year! This week we have been revising our number bonds knowledge of 10, 20, 50 and 100 and Miss Livermore was so impressed at what geniuses we are! We began looking at the number bonds but with a different strategy to help us: the bar model. To prove our understanding of it, we wrote our very own 'Steps to Success' on how to work out calculations using the bar model.  

Respect Prayer 

by 3NL 


Dear God,


Thank you for giving us the ability to show respect. We thank you for times where we have been kind and caring to those around us.


We are sorry for the times where we have been rude and disrespectful. We apologise for any upset or harm we have caused.


Please help us to always be respectful and kind to everyone that we meet and to remind us that we should treat others how we would want to be treated.


We promise to always show respect to everyone and be kind and caring.



Purple Learning and Values

This week, we have been learning about what purple learning is and how we can become super purple learners! We learnt how some things can help our learning and how others can stop our learning; we call these movers and blockers. We also watched a really funny song, sang by the Muppets, about how we can keep pushing ourselves and not be afraid to make mistakes. As well as these, we learnt about the values: Trust, Friendship, Perseverance, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. We took part in lots of different activities such as: making motivational posters, writing about out best friends and creating a poem and prayer.